The Buttah Vibe Brush eliminates dead skin cells. (Courtesy photo)

The proof, they say, is in the [proverbial] pudding, and for Buttah, founded in 2018, the products and gadgets are living up to the hype.   

Dorion Renaud is serious about skin — yours and his — and created his company when he was literally searching for a product to deal with his dry skin. And more to the point, and I think it’s important to highlight is that Renaud said, “I created Buttah from the spirit of my heritage. It’s my goal to enrich your melanin, confidence, and soul with a lil’ Buttah baby.”  

Buttah is an African American-owned company, so they understand how to deal with the complexities of melanin-rich skin. They are so confident about their products that they offer a money-back guarantee which means, family, if you are not 100% satisfied, your heart-earned money goes right back into your wallet.  

After speaking with Renaud, he sent me everything in the Buttah line and it’s my goal to review everything. Today, I am starting with reviewing the Buttal Vibe + Cleanse Kit. 

Using the Buttah Cleanser with the Vibe Brush energizes your skin. (Courtesy photo)

Buttah Vibe + Cleanse Kit 

When the Buttah Vibe Brush is combined with the Buttah Cleanser — which gently exfoliates, and eliminates dullness and dead skin cells — the result is tremendous. 

Until I tried the Vibe Brush, I was not a fan of these devices because they were hard to keep clean aka sterilized. What I love about the brush is that the sonic pulsating brush takes skincare to an innovative, technical level for facial cleansing that makes my face feel good. I am glowing after the delicate massage which stimulates and energizes my skin on a deeper level. I can’t lie, my skin looks toned and my texture is improved.  

The Buttah Vibe Brush is water resistant and designed to be used in the shower.  Here’s how to use it to get the very best from the product: (1) Dampen face with water. (2) Apply the Buttah Cleanser directly onto the Buttah Vibe Brush. (3) Cleanse with sonic pulses for one-to-two minutes while massaging the brush in an upward motion to energize the skin. (4) Rinse and pat dry. (5) Follow up with Buttah Vitamin C Serum, Facial Shea Butter, or CocoShea Cream.  

When done, your face will thank you.