Word of God

Words of the Week – The Coming of the Lord

The message today is no matter how long you much wait on God, keep hope alive, because the Lord will return. Jesus told us, No one knows the day nor the hour with he will return. So, just be ready!

Words of the Week – Evangelize Everywhere You Go

There is a hurting world out there, not just in the church, but outside of the church — the body of Christ — and that world is in dire need of some ready saints to go out and witness to it. In order for this to happen, the people in the church should take kingdom business seriously. Church should never be looked at, especially by those who it comprises, as a “social club.” Yeah, though you “join church,” you don’t “join the kingdom.” In other words, the saints should have a church that they are a part of, and I’ll

Patterson Enjoys Leading Believers at Second AME

The Rev. Godfrey Patterson is enjoying his role as the new pastor of Second AME Church in South Los Angeles. Although the coronavirus pandemic has halted in-person gatherings, he has still bonded closely with the membership since being appointed in October 2019. “It’s a wonderful group of people at Second AME Church. I’m enjoying working with them and I look forward to our future together and what the Lord will do with us,” said Patterson, who has served more than 40 years in the ministry. “As with every church, we’re trying to put in place a program of growth and

Love for Christ Directs Music Career of The Zion Messengers

  God has blessed The Zion Messengers beyond measure and He shows no sign of ceasing. Preparing to release their third album, the group has yielded to God’s direction and significantly benefitted from all He’s enabled them to do. The L.A.-based quintet consists of Travion Howze, vocals; Anthony Gates, vocals; Chris McFrazier, keyboard and vocals; Jesse Robinson IV, bass guitar; Tarron Overshown, drums; and Charles “Uncle Chucc” Hamilton, lead guitar and vocals. Unified in their focus, The Zion Messengers readily admit that their relationship with Christ combined with their desire to sing ignited their rise towards the top of a

Gratitude Renewed!

Since the death of my son, I’ve had to do intentional personal work to focus on daily gratitude. Raw grief has the ability to hover and loom so heavy, that it blocks one sense of gratitude for other parts of life. However, my faith in God’s Word helped to open me up to the truth of God’s Word. The Bible mentions over 114 times to give or throw thanks to God as well as other variations of the word that have multiple mentions. It is clear, just be reading the Word of God, that we are to cultivate a life-style

Words of the Week – You Look Like a Christian

You get up, get dressed, and sit in the pew and say, “Amen,” “Praise the Lord,” “Hallelujah” and all the other appropriate responses Christians give during the worship service. You go to Sunday School or Sabbath school; you stay for the main service or go to all of them because you love church so much. Church members can count on you to help out at the church picnic, feeding the homeless and passing out literature. You are respected and maybe even revered for your unwavering faith, giving tithes, helping out — you are just an amazing child of God. It

Fisher and Greater Zion Attract All Generations By ‘Keeping it Real’

The Rev. Dr. Michael J. Fisher has been a young pastor throughout his ministry at Greater Zion Church Family in Compton. As a young adult, he became the spiritual leader of the oldest Black church in the city, following in the footsteps of his father, Pastor Emeritus W. Jerome Fisher. While nearly 20 years has passed, he’s still a young man, but his youth hasn’t stopped him from drawing people of all ages to hear the Word of God. According to Fisher, his enduring success can be traced to three factors. “Number one, first and foremost, it’s all God. It

Words of the Week – It’s a Big Deal to God

You took the high road, made a sacrificial choice, and seemed to lose while the other person played dirty – was unfair, dishonest, and deceitful, and consequently benefitted from it. I’m talking about evil behavior that drained your pocketbook; the kind of mischief that made you weep – lies, plots and fabrications that caused you repeated sleepless nights on your therapeutic mattress. This is such a big deal to God that He wrote about it in the Bible. Have you ever wondered why God instructs us to not be envious of the prosperity or the advancement of the wicked (Psalms 37:9)? 

Words of the Week – Turn the Other Cheek

To the youth readers, my prayer is that you all have been enjoying the Words of the Week I’ve been sharing with you. Writing to the youth throughout many communities has certainly been therapeutic for me. Being able to have this opportunity to speak directly and concisely to the youth is something I wouldn’t have even begun to envision, say, six years ago. It states in Matthew 5:38, “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’” As Christians, we don’t always find a solution in using one insult to describe

The Liberty Church Plans One ‘Atomic Faith’ Worship Service

The Liberty Church (TLC) will move to one “atomic faith” service beginning Feb. 10, and Pastor David Cross will commemorate the occasion by launching a new sermon series entitled, “The Voice.” TLC recently enlarged its sanctuary and the added space allows the growing congregation to worship together as one in their edifice located at 14725 South Gramercy Pl., in Gardena, explained Cross. “We have extended our sanctuary, now we are expanding our worship experience. Our emphasis will be on God’s Word – explained, experienced and anointed; music – extraordinarily amazing and featuring some of God’s best psalmists and musicians; and

Edwards’ F.A.C.E. Ministry Aims to Help Youth Succeed in Life

Myeoshé Marie Edwards – An L.A. Sentinel Champion of Faith As young people deal with many challenges in today’s world, Myeoshé Marie Edwards aims to help them be victorious in life through her ministry, F.A.C.E. The initials stand for fearless, artistic, charisma and elegant and those are the qualities that Edwards hopes to instill in youngsters residing in South Los Angeles. “The mission of F.A.C.E. is to help young boys and girls to become independent, fearless and assertive,” explained the 31-year-old Edwards. “We want to expose them to self-love to help them become comfortable in their own skin without fear,