Valerie Wardlaw

ESPN’S Stuart Scott: A Dad For the Ages

  Stuart Scott felt like family.  For years, I have watched him on SportsCenter delivering the sporting news as only he could.  His trademark expressions elevated the SportsCenter broadcast in ways that made us watch and listen with anticipation for one of his funky catchphrases.  Of course we hoped that when we repeated the phrase the next day, we too, would deliver it like “straight butta”.  Who else could say “swoopes there it is” and we knew exactly what he meant. As his colleagues, the athletes that he covered, friends and sports fans pay homage to his incredible broadcast skills;

A Call to Rescue My Sisters: The Case Against the Show “Sorority Sisters”

       This opinion piece is not written against any individual sorority member featured on the reality show “Sorority Sisters.”  It is important that I say this upfront. This piece is a call to action:  to rescue my sisters from reality land who seemingly will say anything about our organizations in pursuit of fame and fortune.      Fame and money are not in-and-of itself bad.  I respect your hustle and your desire to make your way in the world but not at the expense of sisterhoods that you profess to love.  I encourage all sisters to be bold and fearless