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Black Film and Photography Spotlight: Jamil Brown

Beauty photographer Jamil Brown focused his lens on editing and perfecting his skill in capturing beauty in diverse cultures, specializing in darker skin tones. He highlights the unparalleled beauty found in the Black community. In the entertainment industry, he is well known by first name, Jamil. Editing Black people in digital photography is a skill that takes a keen ability; one must master picking up on mahogany skin tones and illuminating ageless beauty against what society has labeled attractive. As a small business owner, Jamil reflected on his growth. He started his career shooting landscape images and moved to capture

Gene Hale Family Foundation Rescues Young African American Scholarship Pageant

For over two decades, Lisa Ruffin has been instilling her unique curriculum of confidence, awareness and pride (CAP) in young African American girls through her Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant (LMAA).  When a lack of funding threatened to end the pageant’s 25 year reign, she received a last minute rescue from the education-focused Gene Hale Family Foundation. Ruffin is a veteran performer and choreographer that has had a fabled career.  The first music video she choreographed, “JoAnna,” won an American Music Award.   She has choreographed shows on Broadway and in 20 other countries.  Her choreography credits include UPN’s “Moesha,”

Applications Now Accepted for Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant

The Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant is an educational program. The girls learn to wear their “C.A.P.” which stands for Confidence, Awareness and Pride. Selected participants undertake a cultural enrichment program designed to promote teamwork, self-esteem, and heighten cultural awareness. They take classes in public speaking, science, technology and etiquette and are taught performances by award winning choreographers.  The young ladies make new friends and learn about their rich African American history.