COMMENTARY: Collision Course (Part 2)

“Although I have no personal knowledge of when Dr. King died, I fully support the research of Dr. William Pepper, who has established that King’s life was terminated at the hospital. His research came through a credible witness, Johnton Shelby, whose mother personally witnessed the event. According to these sources, King did not die immediately, but shortly after being shot and transported to the hospital, when he was smothered to death with a pillow by the head surgeon, Dr. Breen Bland.” — Phillip F. Nelson, author of “Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King,” in an interview with Our Weekly.

2nd suspect in Maryland school shooting gets year in jail

In this photo provided by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, Chandler Davenport is shown in a police booking photo on March 20, 2015, in Frederick, Md. Davenport was sentenced to a year in jail for setting up a gang confrontation at a Maryland high school that ended in gunfire that wounded two teenage boys. (Frederick County Sheriff’s Office via AP) A man who provoked a confrontation that ended in gunfire and bloodshed at a Maryland high school was sentenced Thursday to a year in jail after apologizing for his actions. Chandler Davenport, 20, went into the Frederick High School gymnasium