Words of the Week – You Look Like a Christian

You get up, get dressed, and sit in the pew and say, “Amen,” “Praise the Lord,” “Hallelujah” and all the other appropriate responses Christians give during the worship service. You go to Sunday School or Sabbath school; you stay for the main service or go to all of them because you love church so much. Church members can count on you to help out at the church picnic, feeding the homeless and passing out literature. You are respected and maybe even revered for your unwavering faith, giving tithes, helping out — you are just an amazing child of God. It

Words of the Week – Who’s with You?

Scripture: Luke 5:18-26 An eagle egg was separated from its mother and found by a hen, who nurtured and cared for it until the moment it hatched. From the moment he was born, the little eagle realized that he was different from everyone else that he was around. The other chickens also noticed that he was different and so they made fun of the little eagle. The little eagle grew up hating how he looked and more importantly, he hated who he was. He lived each day praying and hoping that he could be more like a chicken. One day