Rev. Dr. Ralph Williamson

True Change Comes Only Through Prayer and Fasting!

True change can only come through prayer and fasting. But, prayer only works when we take action and not passively sit by and wait for others to act. Yes, we must pray, but let us pray for strength, courage, and the determination to work together until justice runs down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.

Words of the Week – Get Out to Vote: Too Much is at Stake

It is time to leave the past behind and look forward as we prepare for the 2022 midterm elections. Much is at stake, including the safety and state of our nation and laws that will determine how we deal with the ongoing threats of gun violence, global warming, our economy, and human rights. Each political party has its agenda to confront these crucial issues. However, the question for all of us as we cast our vote is which agenda aligns with your personal social and economic beliefs? This election is not a time to be passive when our freedom and

In Tribute to Dr. King, We have a Responsibility!

We have a responsibility, not to just honor what the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King stood for, but to continue fighting for the injustices of local and state governments who dare to take away our rights to vote.

Words of the Week – Tomorrow May Be Too Late!

 (Editor’s note: The following is a commentary about the violent attack against the U.S. Capital on Jan. 6) How do we navigate our lives amid these outrageous acts against our democracy? Do we remain silent? If not, then what? Those who speak up for justice, and righteousness, are too often demonized as socialist misfits. They are viewed as troublemakers through a narrow lens of privilege, racism, hatred, and prejudice. Yet, the fear invoked by the evil demonstration carried out by those who violently terrorized our nation’s capital — the most sacred institution of our government – is utterly appalling and