Reid Johnson

Crawford, Muhammad and Price Preach Peace in South L.A.

As part of his campaign to spread peace and unity in South L.A., Pastor Shep Crawford invited former and current rival gang members to break bread together and the result was more successful than ever imagined. More than 120 people gathered on June 14, for the United We Stand Up Peace Mediation Lunch. In addition to the individuals affiliated with rival gangs, the participants included local clergy, peace activists and public figures dedicated to improving battle-weary neighborhoods in South L.A. Another purpose of the event, which was held at the Youth Justice Coalition Building on 76th St. and Central Ave., was to stem the

The 2nd Annual Griot Oscar Night Gala Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion Makes its Footprint in Hollywood

The 2nd Annual Griot Oscar Night Gala celebrating Diversity & Inclusion held at the District by Hannah An. Glitz, glamour and stars were the scene as more than six hundred invited guests convened to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of some of today’s top entertainers, influencers and industry greats who represent in support of diversity and inclusion.