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Nurse Explains Rewards, Tribulations and Importance of Diversity and Equity in Her Profession

 As a young girl, Tamarra Crandall wanted to become a doctor, aspiring to help cure patients suffering from illnesses that cause so much pain and discomfort, especially among minority populations. As fate would have it, Crandall didn’t pursue a medical degree. But, as she will tell you, she pursued the next best thing, which was a career in nursing, and she has no regrets.

Emotional Support Coaching from Ginger Now Available 

The Ginger app provides eligible Kaiser adult members with on-demand, text-based emotional support at no cost, with no referral needed     Sentinel News Service    Kaiser Permanente adult members in Southern California now have no-cost access to Ginger, a leading on-demand mental health care solutions provider.     Ginger, which became available to eligible Kaiser Permanente members this month, provides unlimited confidential, emotional support through on-demand coaching via text-based chats and skills-building content. Adult members can now use their smartphone to connect with a skilled emotional support coach 24/7 – at no cost and with no referral or appointment. The private,

Childhood and Adult Vaccinations are Critically Important, Especially During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Pediatricians are always concerned when we see a drop in immunization rates since this could lead to an increase in vaccine preventable diseases such as measles and whooping cough,” said Dr. Mark B. Salzman, regional lead, pediatric infectious diseases, with Kaiser Permanente Southern California. “If vaccination rates decline, we may possibly see an increase in some preventable diseases that can have dire consequences on children’s health.”

Social Distancing Serves a Critically Important Purpose to Protecting Public Health and Curbing the Spreading of COVID-19

Social crowding – individuals gathering less than six-feet apart – has been proven to enable the coronavirus (COVID-19) to spread through populations. The concept behind social distancing has been touted as an effective way of helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 by maintaining at least six feet of physical space from one another.

High Blood Pressure is Major Cause of Concern in African American Community

That’s why it’s important for African Americans to better  understand this health condition, and know how to protect themselves. High blood pressure typically has no signs or symptoms, which makes it that much more dangerous. In fact, it’s for that reason that hypertension is often called a “Silent Killer.”