John Lewis (D-GA)

Empire Star Taraji Henson Speaks on Suicide and Mental Health on Capitol Hill

“It breaks my heart to know that 5-year-old children are contemplating life and death, I just…I’m sorry. That one is tough for me. So, I’m here to appeal to you, because this is a national crisis. When I hear of kids going into bathrooms, cutting themselves, you’re supposed to feel safe in school,” Henson told the members of Congress and those in the audience in a hearing room on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Why Georgia is the Place for Black Migration and Politics

The midterms revealed that the margin for victory in Georgia is within reach. Abrams lost to Republican Brian Kemp by about 55,000 votes out of nearly 4 million votes cast. Clearly, a surge in the size of the Black voter base could close such a gap and end a drought in state representation dating to Reconstruction. 

Congressmember John Lewis Denounces National Emergency Declaration

Rep. John Lewis / Donald Trump WASHINGTON – Rep. John Lewis denounced the President’s unlawful national emergency declaration, which could divert over $224 million worth of urgently needed Georgia Department of Defense military construction funds critical to the security of our nation and the well-being of men and women in uniform and military families.  This includes plans for nearly $190 million in cyber protection operations facilities at Ft. Gordon, as well as millions meant to support leasing, maintenance, furnishing and utilities funding for military families worldwide.  News reports are mounting about housing decay on military bases.  The Senate Armed Services Committee held

Harris, Thompson, Nadler, Lofgren, Beatty Lead Lawmakers in Letter to Urge Administration to Halt Deportation of Black Mauritanians

There are approximately 3,000 Black Mauritanians in the United States, most of whom arrived in the 1990s after their government forcibly expelled them and stripped them of their citizenship on the basis of their race and ethnicity. So far in fiscal year 2018, the Trump administration has deported 79 Mauritanians, up from eight in FY 2017.