Ingrid Merriwether

Merriwether Receives Diversity Award

Ingrid Merriwether, CEO of Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services (MWIS), received the Arnice Lamb Champion of Diversity Award from the National Association of Minority Contractors – Southern California Chapter (NAMC-SoCal) at its 27th Annual Leadership Gala in Los Angeles on November 9. 

Let’s Create an Infrastructure Policy that Builds Two Types of Bridges for a More Inclusive and Stronger Nation

Despite all the stresses, division, and crises of the past year, we Americans have the timely opportunity to achieve the togetherness and mutual benefits in the new year that can mark a significant turning point.  This opportunity lies within the recently passed $1.2 trillion brick-and-mortar infrastructure bill, which can help build bridges of inclusivity between mainstream construction industry businesses and small and diverse business enterprises, generate multiplicative community benefits, and serve as a replicable national model across many industries. 


In the male dominated insurance industry, Ingrid Merriwether, President and Chief Executive Officer of Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services (MWIS), has built a thriving multimillion dollar business by fulfilling a niche in the industry.