Grant AME Church – Long Beach

Words of the Week – Dealing with Tomorrow

Scripture: Mark 9: 2-5 We are five months into the year 2023. We have experienced four months of His grace, His love, His forgiveness, His healing, His comfort, His mercy, His peace that “passeth all understanding,” His blessings “seen and unseen,” acknowledged and ignored; blessings we know about and blessings we never saw coming, nor going. Blessings of trouble that did not come our way! Blessings of pain and hurt that did not come our way! It could have been me: killed by the rock dropped on an unsuspecting woman’s car windshield! It could have been us caught in a

Words of the Week – Remember Your Faith

Scripture: II Timothy 1:5 (NLT) Here, the Apostle Paul is sending a gentle, yet encouraging word and reminder to his “son in the faith,” Timothy, to remember his faith. It’s a personal letter from one who generally wrote epistles and it gives us a unique and private perspective of the feelings and insecurities that both men happened to share. They were close in their relationship – close in comradeship, close in ministry, close in their feelings about Christ! They were close! They had cried together when they parted – these two men were close. Paul had circumcised Timothy so he

Words of the Week – The Mind Has to Open to Understand the Scripture

Scripture: Luke 24: 35 – 48 The mind has to open to understand the scripture. The Bible informs us that the disciples spent time communing with Jesus, appreciating Jesus, and learning from Him.  They did not quite understand the mission of Jesus nor did they fully understand their mission until after the resurrection and His ghostlike appearance. They had watched Him die, saw Him buried in a tomb, then heard His body was missing. And suddenly, He was appearing in front of them, in the evening and it was not a figment of their imagination. But the disciples were not

Copeland Announces Pastoral Retirement

Rev. Norman Copeland was saluted by AME Bishop Clement Fugh at Copeland’s pastoral retirement luncheon on Aug. 4, at the Proud Bird Restaurant in Los Angeles. Hundreds of people attended the luncheon including Copeland’s family, local clergy, and current and former congregants. Copeland served as pastor of 14 AME churches during his long ministry including Ward-L.A. and Grant-Long Beach. Currently the pastor of St. Paul AME in San Bernardino, he will officially retire in October during the Southern California Annual Conference.  

Words of the Week – When Walking With Jesus

Scripture: Luke 24:13-15; 19 – 21 There are people, attending churches across America troubled about things going on in their lives and have begun to lose hope. Some tend to believe that God just doesn’t care about them. While sitting in churches, some just pretend to praise and worship, going through the motions, acting as if they believe, but deep down inside, there is a hollowness because they have begun to lose hope. The disciples listened to Jesus, followed Jesus, believed in Jesus, but saw Him dying on a cross and now, three days later, these two are distraught, scared