Be Seen As We Are

Last week, I was catching up on all of my TV shows that I had DVR’d; most of the time, if the show does not look very interesting, I just fast forward and keep it pushing. Well, for some reason, as I was watching the Tavis Smiley Show, Tavis announced his guest, the winner of American Idol, Mr. Jorden Smith. Having not watched American Idol in years, I just wanted to see who this guy was. When I saw this young man, with this very high-pitched voice; I knew I had to see what was up with this and how in the hell did he win!

Black Women Have a New Way to Protect Themselves from HIV Infection

One in 32 Black women in the U.S. will be infected with HIV in her lifetime. And although the rate of new infections among Black women has decreased, new data show we continue to be far more affected by HIV than women of other races/ethnicities – after 30 plus years of the epidemic. However, we now have opportunities available that can be that light at the end of the tunnel and finally answer the question of “what will it take for Black women to get to zero new infections?” Trying to address the impact of HIV through attitude adjustment and