Nurse Explains Rewards, Tribulations and Importance of Diversity and Equity in Her Profession

 As a young girl, Tamarra Crandall wanted to become a doctor, aspiring to help cure patients suffering from illnesses that cause so much pain and discomfort, especially among minority populations. As fate would have it, Crandall didn’t pursue a medical degree. But, as she will tell you, she pursued the next best thing, which was a career in nursing, and she has no regrets.

Carson: Can a man of great surgical skill lead a nation?

Ben Carson is the only 2016 candidate for president who has never led a state or company or run for political office. No matter, he says. Surely someone who can perform life-or-death surgeries can run the country. Carson challenged the medical status quo as a storied neurosurgeon — cutting out half of a child’s brain to end her seizures, separating twins joined at the head — in a three-decade career at Johns Hopkins Hospital. “I believe in getting the best out of everybody,” Carson told The Associated Press. “In my operating room, everybody was free to speak.” He said, “I