Tabitha Brown holds her new haircare product, Donna’s Recipe. (Courtesy photo)

Tabitha Brown recently held a meet and greet at a Ulta Beauty store in South Los Angeles to launch her new vegan haircare product and to invite more women of color on a journey powered by plants and love.

Brown is the author of the New York Times bestselling book, “Feeding The Soul.”  Her other books include “Seen, Loved, Heard” and “Cooking From The Soul.”

Her personal testimony of triumph over a debilitating autoimmune disease led her to seek a holistic lifestyle to heal. Ever since then, she’s been promoting that vegan is the new Black, making her a social media sensation and a regular on popular talk shows.

The new hair care line, “Donna’s Recipe Sweet Potato Pie Collection,” was co-founded by Brown and social entrepreneur Gina Woods. Together, they funded 100% of Donna’s Recipe in 2020 to create the nutrient-rich three-step moisture layering system for all hair types, especially hair that is dry and damaged.

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Ulta Beauty has committed to providing Donna’s Recipe in 1,365 stores. In honor of Black History Month, Ulta Beauty held the pop-up meet and greet, which included music by a deejay, a 360 camera and two backdrops, a gift bag, and a photo with Brown.

Tabitha Brown poses with a fan at the meet and greet. (Courtesy photo)

“I’m so excited,” said Brown between taking pictures with fans and passing out hugs to people like family. “I love connecting with people and sharing a moment. It’s like a family reunion,” she said, boasting in her North Carolina accent.

LaShania Davis, the 2024 Ms. Black California pageant, attended the launch. Her insights underscore the importance of having Black beauty products in major retail stores.

“Growing up, I didn’t see haircare products targeted to African American hair and African American females if it wasn’t sold at a local beauty supply,” said Davis.

“More (retail) chains like Ulta Beauty or Salley’s didn’t really cater to us, but it’s particularly important. I feel it’s really groundbreaking to see a Black beauty brand being sold in such a large space,” added Davis.

Zoe Abdul-Malik, 2024 Ms. Black California Talented Teen, and Lashinia Davis, 2024 Ms. Black California. (Courtesy photo)

Alicia Johnson was grateful to meet her health-food muse and to have her shirt signed.

“I’ve been a fan of Donna’s since 2016,” said Johnson. “I started following her after I learned about some of her vegan recipes (since) I changed.

“It felt great to finally meet her. I knew she was going to be warm and welcoming. I support her by purchasing from her line. This is her shirt. She signed it

“Plus, she loves her Black community and Black women. She always has positive things to keep us going throughout the day.”

To learn more about vegan ingredients, visit,  or  @donnasrecipe. Brown is on her YouTube Original TabTime, where she seeks to inspire children.