O’ the bliss of God created Marriage…a treasured gift between male and female created for  joy, companionship and procreation. The speaker in Solomon says, He lies between my breasts all night like a bag of myrrh! WOWEE! God messaged to all His position on matrimony. We have so many questions to ask God??? THE creator–earth, stars, animals..why did he create man? In His sovereignty He saw that it was very good!” Not finished, made “man in His own image and likeness” granting man dominion over His creation. In His protective, caring character, He observed the “man” was lonely. As is His way, in His supreme omnipotence decided to create woman from man’s own body–voluptuous wife, his counterpart to share life’s  joy and difficulties. He meets our needs and desires—never slumbers or sleeps. Now, “one flesh.” Divorce is so painful. Once a man and a woman are bound in one flesh, you don’t just tear it apart painlessly.


I have never heard of a painless divorce. The God created marriage covenant is not lightly contemplated. Soleil and Steven fell “in love.” How can you fight that? We questioned them about marrying so young. The way of the world is to run bed drives before marriage. Wait. Raised in Christian homes to do the right thing with promises to experience God’s immeasurable blessings for their obedience, they did it their own way.  “What about finishing school?” You’re a musical genius, bright songwriter, pianist, guitarist, singer….he, an ambitious forward looking businessman from a cattle ranching family in the Bible Belt. They’ll continue their careers. Parents and grandparents honor the marriage covenant: Craig-Alysia (bride’s parents) Missy-Jeff (groom’s parents) Clark-Jeanette (bride’s-grandparents-married 53 years). Mother of the bride organized absolutely flawless wedding. Teary eyed parents, Craig, Alysia, Missy, Jeff looked on as love doves fluttered their wings into the air at the “I do” moment, one lingered… More than 100 attendees: family (Greyson, Luna, Soleil’s siblings); Clark, Jr., Alysia’s brother, Kyce, his son; and close friends: Clarence Avant ( “his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame) his wife, Jackie (Japanese Art Collector) Dr. William Burke (SCAQMD Chairman of the Board/ Speaker of the California Assembly Appointee), wife, Yvonne Burke (former Assemblymember, Congressmember and L.A County Board Supervisor); Dr. Clark Parker, Sr. (SCAQMD Governing Board Member, California Senate Appointee) wife, Jeanette (the writer); Keith Warlick (former Fatburger CEO) wife, Mary; Richard Moss (former General Counsel Major League Baseball Players’ Association) wife, Attorney Carol Freis,) Glen Sterling (Insurance Executive, wife, Judy, Health Industry. Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you! Steven and Soleil Turner with all God’s blessings! And, all others who accept “marriage is honored among all and the marriage bed is pure.” Teach your children at home. Jeanette Grattan Parker, Ph.D. Founder-Today’s Fresh Start Charter Schools, 4514 Crenshaw BL., LA 90043 323-293-9826 [writer, artist, educator, speaker, marriage expert (50+) Writings are copyright: “Will You Marry Me” and “Inquiring Minds Want To Know.”] [email protected].