Dr. Jeanette Parker

Did you think I had forgotten you? No, never. I gave men the ink, so now it’s your turn; not that you are last; no, you’re first! So, what do women want? Women want a lot of things too. Women want things from themselves, from men, from their children and from other women too. At the top of the list is one word, like Aretha said, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” I’m not highlighting the entire song, only the word, “respect.” Now, what do we say. If we want respect, let’s earn it and expect it. Respect exudes respect. What does that mean, Dr. Jeanette? It means conducting ourselves in a respectful manner. Like what, Dr. Jeanette? Like not all women can wear those dresses up to the yang-yang. That’s right! Somebody’s got to tell it. Some women, young and older [you know I say, “some” not all.] And some need to wear “spanx” and not look like a shak’n roller coaster. That’s right, we see and want to say, “Hey, girlfriend, you don’t need to do all that to get and keep a man.” Hold that stuff in and let it out at home…walk in dignity and integrity. Lower the skirts. Long skirts/dresses are flattering and graceful. Straighten up those backs, walk in dignity. And, how about this…”speech”; speaking correctly, sounding out our words. Let me tell you, these things we do well to watch constantly due to the times we live in and through.

Watch those tempers. Simmer down. Chill out. Tell the younger women, “stop cussing and using bad language.” And stop walking around with angry looking faces; which does not necessarily mean that a person is angry on the inside. If you speak to them and SMILE, you will get a return smile. Respect others. Seeing all this craziness in life, doesn’t mean we have to be a part of it. Pray.

Develop your inner beauty: patience, peace. Okay, let’s move on. From the man, women want to be heard without being forced to shout and beg [not that you are forced, but don’t push yourself to where you lose sight of yourself and start shouting angry vulgarities].

Anger is pregnant. Anger reproduces anger. Slow down, think clearly before expressing anger. Communicate feelings through words.

Rehearse inside yourself before blurting obscenities. Women want little [or big] gifts sometimes. Women want kisses and hugs and comforting. Show some volunteerism, guys. Say, “Honey bunch, sugar lump, sweetie pie, let’s go out.” Let’s take a walk together. Let’s do simple things together, family things, loving things which show your sweetheart that you truly love her. And women, reciprocate with love too. Say some sweet things, loving words, complimentary words to uplift and encourage your man.

Dr. Jeanette is Superintendent/Founder of Today’s Fresh Start Charter School 4514 Crenshaw BL. LA, CA 90043; marriage expert; author: Will You Marry Me? / Inquiring Minds Want To Know; writings copyright all rights reserved [email protected]