Tajanae Nelson, 28-years old. Photo courtesy provided Tajanae’s Family

Heinous acts of murder widen the gashes of agony within the Black American community; the wounds never have enough time to heal.  A recent homicide of 28-year-old Tajanae Nelson has left three little girls without a mother, as her family, along with the rest of the community, mourns and prepares for her homecoming. Tajanae leaves many loved ones behind and there are no words to describe the hurt in their hearts.

With new information still unraveling, the incident took place in South Los Angeles on Father’s Day, June 21, approximately around 4pm. Speaking with Tanajae’s family members, she was walking through the area when she was caught in the middle of escalated situation. The case seems to have been overshadowed by other news, even though the fatality happened in broad daylight. As Tajanae ran for her life, she fell to the ground after a bullet pierced her hip, she was then shot in the head, leaving no hope for recovery.

Speaking with boyfriend of eight years, Kevin Hubbard, one can sense the unconditional love and connection they shared. He spoke of deep soul ties he had with Tajanae.  Hubbard described her as glamorous, beautiful, assertive, and he was proud of how she raised their children while he served time away from his family. Kevin shared in his vulnerability; he wanted to fulfill his duty as a provider.  He said he owed that and much more to Tajanae.

Kevin Hubbard, Tajanae’s Boyfriend of eight years (Photo courtesy of Tajanae Nelson’s Family)

Kevin’s parting words to Tajanae, “You are tough and I’m proud of you. Your life is my life, and I’m going to live it to the fullest for you.” The last serenade he shared with her was “Forever my Lady” By Jodeci.

Tajanae was seen as the sole provider for her three daughters; the youngest being less than a year old. As a single mother, she played both parental roles and worked twice as hard to raise her children, Azyriyah (9), Aaliyah (7), and Anastasia (11-months). She created her own sense of family and loved them with every fiber of her being.

A new fate awaits her most treasured girls, the extended family look to cover them with love as their mom watches over them from a sacred place. The pain behind losing a mother can leave radical change within developing minds, their sense of home has been altered.

With Tajanae’s life taken away too soon and without warning, the Nelson household are working in a state of emergency. Details behind the homicide are still trickling in, at this point the murderer is unidentified. This is a familiar sequence within Los Angeles district’s 8 and 9.

According to the press release covering the incident, homicides in the Vermont, Slauson, Century Corridor, Florence, Figueroa, and Hoover Streets are not receiving the needed attention due to underrepresentation in mass media, in addition to COVID-19 pulling the attention away from tragic incidents within South Los Angeles.

Grass roots organizations such as Because Black Lives Matter, Corvettes of choice, Chapter Two inc., many members of the South L.A. Community extended their influence, to uplift Tajanae and her family in this moment of crisis. Looking to spread awareness, a press conference was hosted by the family of Tajanae Nelson, Stop the Violence Increase the Peace Foundation, and Bakewell Media brought more life to the story, followed by many more public and private sectors.

The community created a space for Tajanae’s legacy to live on and for her little ones to feel supported. Standing on the critical platform, “Police Violence is not acceptable, neither is community violence,” there will be a reckoning for the root cause of these types of cases, a shield needs to be wielded within the community, when the attack feels like its coming from all sides. The beloved daughters shared there words during the press conference at L.A. Sentinel Headquarters. Azyriyah highlighted that “People who do this have nobody,” referring to the murder who took her mother’s life. Tajanae’s Mother, Father, grandmother, and other extended family members surrounded the girls at the podium to show their unity.

Nine-year-old Azyriyah Hubbard, Tajanae’s eldest daughter. (Photo courtesy of Tajanae Nelson’s family)
Six- year-old Aaliyah Hubbard, Tajanae’s second eldest daughter. (Photo courtesy Tajanae Nelson’s family)
11-month-old Anastasia Haskins, Tajanae’s youngest Daughter. (Photo courtesy Tajanae Nelson’s family)

The community is creating a space for Tajanae’s legacy to live on and for her little ones to feel supported. Standing on the critical platform that, “Police Violence is not acceptable, neither is community violence,” there will be a reckoning for the root cause of these types of cases, a shield needs to be wielded within the community, when the attack feels like it’s coming from all sides.

A statement from the Nelson family shared memorable attributes about their new guardian angel, “Tajanae Nelson, was a hard-working mother, whose only objective was caring for her three daughters. Tajanae was a warm, caring, loving, kind, fun, humorous, generous young woman on the rise.”

The power of this case encourages a new meaning for community; it will bring forth a new mission of peace and protection. There will be a synchronized time for donations at 11 a.m., called “Click and Donate” during the press conference on July 1, the proceeds will go directly to the Nelson family to cover unforeseen finances that occur.

Power, strength, and foundation have been provided through the girl’s great aunt, Carol McCarter, stated family members from both sides are uniting around the Nelson sisters as they process the devastation and pain that they feel.

Baby Anastasia radiated the beauty of her mother, smiling and sharing kisses during the interview. Azyriah (9) said “She was the best mom she could be; she sacrificed her life for us, and I love her so much,” as the eldest daughter out of the three sisters, she fought back tears in her eyes.

Azyriah has been the most outwardly devastated by the loss of her mother. Aaliyah 7), projecting her mother’s personality of life and glamour, said “Mom is a good person;  she loved us, she can see us through the sky and the trees and everywhere.” Tajanae Nelson will live on through the efforts of unity and shared responsibility to protect one another. The name Tajanae means “Crown,” and she will remain a symbol of royalty for her daughters, but from a place beyond this world.