Jordyn Simone (Courtesy photo)

Singing is second nature to Jordyn Simone, a talented Los Angeles vocalist who is well on her way to stardom.

Since first singing publicly at the age of five, the 18-year-old Windsor Hills resident has garnered lots of recent attention due to her knockout performances on “American Idol” in 2016 and “The Voice” this past March, and the buzz that Jordyn created will be a great asset moving forward.

A 2018 graduate of the prestigious Los Angeles County High School of Arts, Jordyn’s next stop is the USC Thornton School of Music where she plans to study contemporary music and minor in music business.

“I want to go to college in order to make connections and to be a better musician and entertainer. My ultimate goal is to pursue my field no matter what else I’m doing in life,” said Jordyn, who credits her parents with instilling her love for music.

Explaining her introduction to singing, she recalled, “I’ve grown up with music my whole life. I think my father was a huge influence for me because he’s a musician and it was always a passion of his and I always wanted to be close to him when I was younger.  So it’s kind of like second nature to me.  Eventually, I caught the bug he had and I wanted to sing myself.”

While still a youngster, Jordyn participated in her church’s youth choir and at age seven, her parents enrolled her in the Amazing Grace Conservatory (AGC), a highly respected performing arts school in L.A. founded by actress Wendy Raquel Robinson.   After five years at AGC, she landed the starring part in “Wicked.”

“This lead role required a whole lot of singing and at first, I wasn’t sure I would be able to accomplish such a difficult role, but it really worked out for me.  It inspired this fire within me,” noted Jordyn.

Her love of singing continued into high school as a member of the Vocal Jazz Ensemble, an award-winning group that went on to win first place at the Next Generation Jazz Festival competitions in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Jordyn earned the Top Artist Award each year as well. Those feats led to the ensemble’s performances at the Monterey and Playboy Jazz Festivals in 2015 and 2018.

Although Jordyn enjoys all types of music, her personal favorites are R&B and neo-soul. Recognizing those genres may not appeal to the masses, she said, “I’ve been really trying to find a happy medium between doing pop music that can cross borders and also doing things I feel passionate about like R&B. So if I can combine those genres – half R&B, contemporary and all that – that would be amazing!”

Without a doubt, Jordyn remains excited about a professional artist, however her experience on “The Voice” keeps her cognizant of the industry’s ups-and-downs. Describing the exposure on national television as memorable, she also acknowledged that the event was a learning lesson for her.

“Being on ‘The Voice’ was very defining for me because it gave me a glimpse into what the industry is like and honestly, how cutthroat it is.  Seeing that in its true and live form was definitely good for me to understand. Although I’m very passionate and love singing, there’s a lot that is not necessarily desirable, so I have to get over those humps to get to my goal.”

But Jordyn is aiming for more than just success as a singer – she wants to impact her listeners as well. “I want to be an artist has a message that has something to say and has an impact on the people that support my music,” said Jordyn. “It’s definitely more than just the lyrics and the songs, it is also about what I represent though my music.”

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