Flex-Shanice Ent
Singer Shanice and husband and actor Flex Alexander. (courtesy photo)

LAS: With over twenty years experience in the entertainment business, what would you tell your 25-year-old self?

Shanice: I used to care about what people thought about me. When I was younger, if someone would say something bad about me, it would devastate me but now you just have to accept me as I am. I would tell my 25-year-old self to stop worrying so much.

I’m so much stronger because I’ve been through so much and when you have kids, you want to be a better person for your children.

You’ve previously mentioned that actor Martin Lawrence and his wife, Shamika helped you all out during a trying time. How have your friendships evolved with the ups and downs in your career?

S: God is so good because during our hardest times, God placed “angels”, into our lives. We couldn’t have made it through those times without our friends. When we had nothing, Martin and Shamika Lawrence gave us money for rent and food. And not just them, so many people stepped up. In our first season, we did an “Angel Party” when we thanked everyone at once. Without prayer and faithful friends, I couldn’t have made it.

LAS: What’s your advice for people that want to share their story via reality TV but are nervous about giving away so much access to their personal life?

S: My husband didn’t want to do reality TV for a long time because he didn’t want to have to make up drama or have to do things that we wouldn’t be proud of. If you don’t have any type of control over what you’re going to be doing, then I wouldn’t do it.

You have to remember to be a good example because the cameras are always following you. If you’re thinking about doing a show where you might have to act out of character, wait until you’re presented with the right opportunity.

LAS: Even though you co-wrote one of your biggest hits, “I Love Your Smile”, you’ve stepped back from penning music. Can you share how audiences will see you get your voice back this season?

S: I’ve been writing songs since I was eight-years-old. I used to sit in my closet with a tape recorder, write and pretend like I was in a recording studio. But I went through a period where I started to feel insecure about my writing because I worked with a producer who didn’t let me write so I began to feel like it wasn’t good enough. Even though I co-wrote “Yesterday” which was one of my biggest records. About a year ago, I finally started writing again and you’re going to see the process of me working on a new project during season 3. I worked with T-Pain, Ne-Yo and the Justice League. Faith Evans and I recently sat down and said we’re going to do a duet, I just have to find the right song. We haven’t recorded anything yet but I’m a Faith Evans fan so it’s something that I’m definitely working on.

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