Actors, Justin Hires and Jon Foo in Rush Hour TV series on CBS
Actors, Justin Hires and Jon Foo in Rush Hour TV series on CBS Courtesy Photo

We live in a world where the word ‘reboot’ is a part of life, like it or not. And it seems as though the reboot of adapting films to television is back once again. “Rush Hour” is one of the latest films to get the treatment.

The series premiered on CBS, Thursday, March 31 at 10:00pm, which has recently become an unreasonable hour for me personally for watching television shows but I tuned in nonetheless.

The action-packed, comedy-drama is based on the “Rush Hour” films about an L.A. cop, Detective James Carter portrayed by actor Justin Hires, who teams up with a detective from Hong Kong, Detective Lee portrayed by actor Jon Foo.

The two officers of the law find themselves thrown together when priceless statues from China go missing in Los Angeles. Family ties and Chinese gangsters only add to the confusion as both Carter and Lee find themselves trying to solve the mystery while trying to understand each other. Ultimately, unraveling the case sees Lee staying in town working with Carter and LAPD on a continuous basis.

Hires and Foo have wonderful chemistry and manage to hit all the right notes of seriousness vs levity. Hires succeeds in adapting Carter, hilariously portrayed in the films by Chris Tucker, to the small screen. Foo brings a genuine and silent calm partnered with impressive martial arts that would make Jackie Chan himself proud. Both Foo and Hires play well off each other and are surrounded by an impressive cast including the tough-but-loving Captain Lindsay Cole portrayed by actress Wendie Malick.

Like all television shows, the series will have to find its footing and hit its own stride but lucky for Rush Hour, it’s well on its way to a good start. I like it!

Rush Hour airs on CBS, Thurs 10/9c.

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