Insecure’s Tristen J. Winger and Advertising giant Cliff Atkinson Invest in Start-Up Mesh Communities (Photo by Dr. Diandra “Dee” Bremond)


Tristen J. Winger, South Central native joined Mesh Communities as the lead investor on their upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Although Tristen’s stardom has seemed to come overnight, Tristen became immersed in the arts at an early age. In 2000, he was enrolled in The Colburn School of Performing Arts and later joined the Amazing Grace Conservatory located in South Los Angeles where he was inspired to develop his skills in acting, voice, and dance. Years later, Tristen landed a role on the critically acclaimed web series, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” as the unknowingly soft-spoken character, baby-voiced “Darius.” Recently, Tristen made his television-acting debut in Issa Rae’s HBO Original Series, “Insecure.” He also starred in 50 Cent’s “50 Central” and is currently filming Season two of “Bigger” streaming on BET +.

Mesh’s radical approach to advertising is why they sought guru Cliff Atkinson to join the start-up as a co-founder. Cliff is an Emmy winner, digital media advertising executive with 20+ years of experience developing and implementing digital strategies for some of the largest brands in the world.

Why have these two accomplished and accredited leaders, who have risen the ranks in their fields, decided to invest their time and wisdom in Mesh? Simple: Mesh Communities Inc. is a social media application that Mesh is a social platform for communities to connect, moderate, and monetize. And both Trisen and Cliff see the tremendous value that Mesh can deliver to the communities who use it. On Mesh, leaders build self-sustaining communities through donations, member dues, and an ad marketplace where they approve brands and small businesses to advertise and keep most of the ad revenue.

When asking Winger why Mesh he stated the following, “Mesh because I believe in people, not corporations, owning their community. Whether it’s a neighborhood or a virtual meeting place we should be able to gather in a safe space influenced and supported by its community. The current social media model exploits community users with advertisers purchasing our attention via clicks and impressions. Those ads generate hundreds of billions of dollars with a small percentage of the revenue (about 2%) going to creators and communities. Jess Wise and Cliff Atkinson at Mesh Communities are shifting this imbalance by embracing community ownership. Mesh community creators decide which ads show up next to their content, empowering them to support businesses that share their values, and keep 60% of ad revenue. Mesh takes a radically new approach to digital world building that benefits everyone from brands to people while keeping us safe too.”

Insecure’s Tristen J. Winger and Advertising giant Cliff Atkinson Invest in Start-Up Mesh Communities (Photo by Dr. Diandra “Dee” Bremond)

Cliff is currently a Co-founder at Mesh, developing solutions for advertisers and leading the development of Mesh’s Ad Marketplace. Cliff began his career at Grey NY and has progressed through the dynamic world of digital with key posts at various agencies (Deutsch, Saatchi&Saatchi, RPA). His account experience includes Toyota, Honda, Procter & Gamble, Coors Light, Cedar Sinai, Sony Consumer Electronics, and Starwood Hotels to name a few.

Having Cliff join Mesh was not only about his portfolio, expertise and his sexy network of colleagues. Mesh truly wants to make tech and big tech more equitable.  This included and ensuring that one of its founders were African American.

We at Mesh are aware that only 1 percent of startups receiving Venture Capitalist funding are Black. The lack of ownership is why Mesh chose WeFunder to house its latest fundraising round. With as little as $100 you can invest in Mesh Communities Inc.  If interested in investing in Mesh Communities Inc. alongside Tristen J. Winger and CliffAtkinson, you can on