A panel discussion during GlamCon 2018. (courtesy photo)

Attention ladies! Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here, and it’s time to get educated, empowered, and rejuvenated. This month, we spoke with the founder and president of the Pink Peppermint Project and Thrive Innovations LLC, ShantaQuilette Carter-Williams, about her organization’s work to inspire women and provide preventive care.

After witnessing first-hand the pain, sadness, and deterioration breast cancer had on her aunt and three close friends, Carter-Williams found her calling. She set on a mission to advocate for and support breast cancer survivors and their caregivers.

“I saw [my aunt] who was very vibrant and very energetic lose her momentum. She didn’t feel beautiful; she became another person,” said Carter-Williams.

“One of the things she would say is that she felt better than she looked.  I would always encourage her by telling her how beautiful she was. I saw those debilitating effects through not only her but my friends that I lost. I just wanted them to feel beautiful inside and out.”

Although her loved ones passed away from this disease, with death comes life and the beginning of the Pink Peppermint Project.

Founder and president of the Pink Peppermint Project and Thrive Innovations LLC, ShantaQuilette Carter-Williams. (courtesy photo)

What started off as a simple care package filled with toxic-free beauty products expanded into a much larger movement.

“I want women to know how important it is to thrive throughout life regardless of what they have gone through,” said Carter-Williams, a stroke, and heart attack survivor.

“I want to leave a legacy that shows how strong I was and how I lived life. I want to instill strength and courage in women. I want to leave a legacy of a happy, wonderful life. I don’t need any more than that and to keep a serving spirit.”

The GlamCon experience focuses on inner and outer beauty. (courtesy photo)

Today the organization offers virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities and fitness and nutrition workshops, self-care boxes, and early detection resources for young women. The public can currently participate in the following programs: Pink Reach, Mint with Love, Pink Play, Non-Toxic Beauty Revolt, and the Pink Lipstick Campaign. More information can be found at pinkpeppermintcares.org.

Aside from its regularly programmed content, the Dallas-based organization hosts events throughout the year; however, one of the more highly anticipated is GlamCon. For the first time, the celebration is going virtual!

“GlamCon stands for glamorous conqueror. We know that when beauty and strength go hand-in-hand, we can all hold that title,” said Carter-Williams.

“GlamCon is a [free one-day event] for women to look and feel good. We want women to reinvigorate, rejuvenate, and restore amongst their peers to get through the muddy waters of survivorship.”

This year’s theme, GlamCon: Revive and Restore, will take place Saturday, October 10, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. EST.

Women gather together for a self-care retreat during the 2018 GalmCon Experience. (courtesy photo)

During the virtual one-day event, attendees can expect to hear from the following guest speakers:

  • “Glamaste and Meditation” by Lisa Ware
  • “The Time is Now: Affirmation and Abundance” by Michelle J. Lamont
  • “The F-Word Femme Health and Fibroids” by Dr. Jessica Shepherd and Ashley Johnson
  • “You Good Sis Glamourous Conqueror Panel” by ShantaQuilette Carter-Williams, Sheila McGlown, Beth Fairchild, and Maimah Karmo
  • “Girl Get your Life Right, Eat to Live” with chef Sonya Dorsey
  • “Brow Boutique” by Doria Sessions
  • “Revive and Restore” by Dr. Cordelina Gaffar
  • “The Well Check” by Briana Fulton
  • “Move your Body Girl, Hip Hop Yoga” with Dr. Noelle Reid

Ignite your Inner ‘Glamorous Conqueror’ from the comfort of your home at 2020 GlamCon Virtual Experience: Revive and Restore. Reserve your spot for the free event by heading over to glamconevents.org. The first 100 registrants will receive a beauty box valued at $200, delivered to their home.

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