Clippers forward Paul George (Courtesy photo)

Paul George is focused on the bigger picture. As the world continues to survive the pandemic, George states sports help take people’s anxiety and depression off. Society was in a dark place when the pandemic first emerged, and sports were used as a tool to give the masses some excitement. With nothing to watch and keep people’s minds busy, all they could focus on was the issues at hand, which caused more frustration. 

When George was asked if the Clippers feel like they are under pressure, he made it clear that basketball players play a game and people have to deal with real life. “There’s people out there that deal with a lot more pressure than what we deal with. We put ourselves in this kind of pressure. It’s pressure out there that they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to basketball, we have to be the last team standing.”

In hard times, fans look at their favorite player for inspiration and hope. George understands that and uses his ability to motivate others. “My job is to play at an elite level, and hopefully by that, it takes the pressure off them, and they can use it as motivation,” George states there are fans that enjoy watching him play at a high level.

Spending time with family has helped George mentally. Now that things are somewhat back to normal and he can interact with others, his mental health is back to where it should be. Head coach Tyronn Lue contributes to the Clippers staying level-headed. George says Lue’s leadership skills is one of his greatest traits.

As the Clippers prepare for the playoffs, their mindset is ‘chess,’ according to George. They look forward to a physical series against the Dallas Mavericks. 

In the bubble, the Clippers lost to the Mavs in the second round. What happened last year in the bubble is nonexistent, says Marcus Morris. 

“This is a whole different team, completely different coaching staff, and energy is a lot better, comradery is a lot better, everybody wants to be here and everybody playing their role the right way. We all have one goal, and we’re committed to it.”

The Clippers face the Mavericks on Saturday at 1:30 PM and they are the heavy favorites to win this series.