Thursday, February 2, 2023
Open Letter from CA Black Women’s Collective – Stop to Victim Blaming of Black Women
Published October 6, 2022


The California Black Women’s Collective, Black Women Organized for Political Action, Los Angeles African American Women’s Political Action Committee, and allies stand up for Congressmember Karen Bass and all Black women. 


Black women are more likely to be victims of crimes than our female counterparts, according to The Status of Black Women in the United States report by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. According to the report, Black women disproportionately experience violence at home, at school, on the job, and in their neighborhoods. Black women face high rates of intimate partner violence, rape, and homicide.  

In California, more than 70 percent of Black households are single mothers who live alone. This statistic was highlighted in the State of Black Women in California Report by the California Black Women’s Collective. Protecting ourselves is a matter of survival. Yet, when we are the victim of crimes, our calls for help are often ignored and even questioned by those who are charged with protecting and serving the community.  

The most recent example is the deplorable action of a Los Angeles city council member who called for an investigation of Congressmember Karen Bass, who is running to be the first Black Woman Mayor of the second largest city in the country after her house was broken into. A letter went to the Los Angeles City Attorney with the intent to bring suspicion of her as a victim of a crime as well as accusations of her potentially breaking the law based on what was stolen. As a woman living in the community and being a well-known leader, Congressmember Bass has the right to be protected! And even though she did everything by the book, there was a narrative shaping her as the villain when she was the victim. This was nothing more than a political stunt. However, this type of accusation is a continuation of a pattern that must stop.  

Far too often, this happens when it comes to Black Women, and we will no longer accept or tolerate being discounted or treated as if our voice and lives don’t matter. We are not to blame for crimes against us and will continue to demand that the target of any criminal investigation focus on the perpetrator, not the victim. As a Collective of Black Women leaders throughout California and the nation, as well as our allies, we stand against victim shaming of Black Women.      

 More than 430 signatures were collected in support of this call to action.      

Abena Bradford 


Ada Briceno  

Adrienne Johnson 

Aisha Brown 

Alana Robinson 

Aleta Hernandez  

Alice Goff 

Alten Todd  

Alva McCruter  

Amy Turk  

Andrea Slater 

Andrea Robinson  

Andrea Gacs  

Andria Hancock-Crear 

Angel Gillis  

Angela Reddock-Wright, Esq 

Angela Smith Minniefield  

Angela King Brown Angela Thompson 

Anita Williams  

Annetta Wells 

Areva Martin, Esq 

Arnetta Mack  

Audrena Redmond 

Austin Griffin 

Ay’Anna Mood 

Ayiko M Broyard 

Barbara  Jackson 

Barbara Brass 

Barbara McGee  

Belinda Beeks  

Bennetra Thomas  

Berta Davis  

Bertha Wellington 

Betty Williams 

Betty Stewart 

Beverley Morgan-Sandoz  

Bishop L J Guillory 

Blayne Sutton Wills Bobbie J. Anderson 

Bonita O’Neal  

Bonnie Berry LaMont 

Brenda Sutton Wills 

Brenda Autrey  

Brian McAlister 

Buffany Hunter  

Burnadette Norris-Weeks 

Camile Bowie  

Camilla Blair  

Candace Smith 

Cari Jackson Lewis 

Carl Jarmon  

Carlette Rhone  

Carlottia Scott  

Carmen Hayes-Walker,   

Carmen Jones 

Carol McGruder 

Carol Emory 

Carol A Maxey-Ware 

Carole Gibson  

Carole Brooks  

Carolina Simmons 

Caroline Kennedy 

Carolyn Fleming-Williams 

Carolyn Fowler 

Cathy Creswell 

Cathy Unger  

Cecilia Hamilton 

Cecily Myart-Cruz 

Chanda Robinson 

Chandra Hatcher  

Chantel Mullen 

Charisse Bremond 

Charles Marshall  

Charlotte Northern-White 

Charmaine Jefferson 

Che Wright 

Chef Basil Kimbrew 

Chef Lizet Angulo 

Chennita Crawford 

Cheryl Green 

Cheryl Poinsette Brown 

Chikeena Babb  

Chriscynthia Calhoun 

Christina Laster 

Christopher Shaw  

Cookie Parker  

Courtney Hun 

Crystal Crawford 

Curtistine White  

Cyst Marshall 

Cynthia Sterling 

Cynthia LeBlanc 

Cynthia Adams 

  1. Shenell Reed

Dallas Fowler 

Danny Bakewell Jr. 

Darla Claypool  

Darlene Futrel 

Darlene Donloe  

Dawn Taylor  

Dawn Epps  

Dawn Modkins 

Deborah Wilder  

Deborah Franklin  

Deborah Thomas  

Deborah Bell  

Debra Durham 

Debra Jennings  

Debra Brown  

Dee Mitchell 

Deidre Gilbert  

Deidre Jones  

Deja Edmond  

Denzel Ward  

Denecia Quander  

Denee Harrison  

Denise Pines 

Denise Barton  

Denise Diggs  

Desiree Peterson Bell 

Dezie Woods-Jones 

Diana Love 

Diana Madoshi 

Diana Wilson  

Diandra Bremond  

Diane Robertson  

Diane Nash  

Dolores Spears  

Dominique Banos  

Dondrea Morgan 

Doris Washington 

Dr. Alisa Orduna 

Dr. Angela Steed 

Dr. Anita Nicholas 

Dr. Arletta BrinsonDr. Brenda Simmons  

Dr. Carliss McGhee 

Dr. Colette Harris Mathews 

Dr. Edwina Ward  

Dr. Gail Willis 

Dr. Henry Armstrong 

Dr. Jennifer B. Jones 

Dr. Joni Ricks  

Dr. Julianne Malveaux 

Dr. Karon Wilson  

Dr. Paris Andrew  

Dr. SharmaHenderson 

Dr. Shirley Thornton 

Ebani Abram  

Edna Lozano 

Elizabeth Evans 

Elizabeth Wesson  

Erica Ford 

Erma Hall-Wood 

Fee Hampton 

Felice Mitchell  

Frances Richards 

Gabriela Navas 

Gail Ellis  

Gayle Lecus  

Genesis Diaz 

Genette Miller  

Geneva Futrel 

George Tate  

Gina Wood 

Gina Stewart 

Gladys Thomas  

Glenda Gill 

Gloria Moore 

Gloria Jernigan  

Gloria Clemons White 

Gloria Davis 

Glory Dees-Batiste 

Greta King 

Gwendolyn Goodman 

Hardy Brown, Sr.  

Haydeh Takasugi 

Helen Butler 

Hon. Alma Adams 

Hon. Angela Andrews 

Hon. Barbara Calhoun 

Hon. Cheryl Brown Hon. Diamond Staton-Williams 

Hon. Diana Becton 

Hon. Emma Sharif 

Hon. Enaj Leotaud 

Hon. Holly Mitchell 

Hon. Jacque Robinson-Baisley  

Hon. Jasmine Crocket 

Hon. Juanita Doplemore Hon. Kandie Smith 

Hon. Kristin McGuire 

Hon. Linda Coleman 

Hon. Lisa Gauthier 

Hon. Lori Wilson 

Hon. Nancy Chaires  

Hon. Meredith Lawson-Rowe 

Hon. Sydney Kamlager 

Hon. Tina McKinnor 

Hon. Treva Reid  

Hon. Vanessa Gilmore 

Ida Taylor  

Ingrid Palmer 

Israel Tamiru  

Jacqueline Beatty-Smith 

Jacqueline Bazy, Esq 

Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker 

Jacquelyn Nash 

Jacquetta Moore  

Jaime Powell  

Ja’Khia Jones 

James Bryant 

Janel Housie 

Janet Kelly  

Janeth Zavala 

Janette Robinson Flint 

Jean Franklin 

Jennifer Perry 

Jewel Love 

Jill Wesley  

Jimmie Woods-Gray 

Joan Goddard 

Jotaka Eaddy 

Joy Atkinson 

Joyce Brayboy  

Julie Waters 

Kamryn Tate  

Karen Earl 

Karen Kelly  

Karen Corsey  

Kathy Williamson 

Katonja Neal 

Katrina Williams  

Keisha Mathews 

Kellie Todd Griffin 

Kelly Graham  

Kendra Lewis 

Kendrick Roberson 

Kennedy Wilson  

Kenyon Johnson 

Khaliah Williams 

Kim Wesley 

Kim Anderson  

Kinna Perry  

Kristee Haggins 

Krystal Leaphart  

Kym Whitley  

Kyren Griffin 

La Donna Black Ott 

LaChelle Woodert 

LaDonna S Black Ott 

LaJuan Williams 

LaNiece Jones 

LaTanya McGlory  

Laura Sanchez 

Lauren Babb 

Laurissa Wells 

LaWana Brown  

Leah Wade 

Leana Babineaux 

Lena Stewart  

Lesenda Briggs  

Lesley Gool, Esq 

Linda Ward-Smith 

Linda Collins 

Lisa Williams 

Lisa Laster, Constituent  

Lisa Bell  

Lisa Guzman  

Lora-Ellen McKinney 

Lori Condinus 

Lori Gay 

Lori Caudill 

Lucinda Bazile  

Lynis Johnson  

Lynn Summers  

Lynnette Howard 

Mae Gates 

Malakhi Simmons 

Marcela Howell 

Marcia Jones  

Margie Bibbins  

Marilyn Goss-Dow 

Marilyn Batchelor 

Marla Cureton 

Marsha Myers  

Marva Wilks  

Mary Crayton 

Mary Collins 

Mary Ratcliff 

Mary Finger  

Mary Christian  

Maurita Coley 

Melanie Campbell 

Melissa Fox  

Meredith Benson 

Michele Foxwell  

Michele Reed 

Michelle Felder 

Michelle Lathan  

Miguel Scoby  

Mike Davis 

Minnie Williams  

Mishaun Freeman 

Molly Watson 

Morenike Christian Ms. Rosalind Evans Johnson 

Myesha Matthews 

Myesha Glover 

Najee Ali 

Nakia Mack 

Naomi Cox  

Natasha Gill  

Nathan Briggs  

Nicole Riley 

Nicole Wilson  

Nicole Hill  

Njeri Rutledge 

Nolice Edwards 

Nora Cooper  

Norchelle Brown  

Ondreia Harden 

Ozella Anderson 

Pamela Mitchell 

Pamela Moon  

Pamela Williams  

Pamela T Miller, Esq. 

Paris Jackson  

Pastor Steven Neal 

Pat Thompson  

Patricia Sanders 

Patsy Howard  

Pleasant Patterson Rachel Green 

Rashida Tyler 

Regina Wilson-Henry 

Rev. Dr. Susan K Smith 

Rev. Sharinese Jackson 

Richard Harrison 

Robin Dennis 

Robin Williams 

Robin Lovering  

Robyn Greene Arrington Rolamda Wilkins 

Rosa M Russell 

Rosalyn Hackworth 

Rose Whitney 

Rosemary Yoshikawa 

Rosie Manning 

Roslyn Austin 

Roslyn Brock 

Rowena Brown 

Russell Maitland 

Sabrina Clark  

Sabrina Sanders 

Thyressa Williams 

Samine Parris-Stowes 

Sandi Cook 

Sandra Poole  

Sandra Williams 

Sarah Harris  

Sarita Gaynor  

Shani Melinda  

Sharnette Clemons 

Sharon Sharon  

Sharon Vallera Robinson 

Sharon Collins  

Shauna Bain Smith Esq. 

Shaunelle Curry 

Shavon Moore – Cage 

Shawn Hall  

Shawn LaRe Brinkley 

Sheila Tyler Smith 

Sheila Collins 

Shellee Samuels  

Shelia Bordeaux 

Shere Cleckley  

Sherron A Rouzan Shirley Pruitt, 

Shonna McDaniels 

Simboa Wright 

Sonjia White  

Sonya Burnham  

Sonya Young Aadam 

Stacey Cummings Susanne Diggs-Wilborn 

Suzanne Edwards-Acton 

Tabitha Johnson-Green 

Taisha Brown  

Talitha Watkins  

Tamara Aburto  

Tamela Mitchell  

Tamika Lott  

Tamiko Welch 

Tammy Willis  

Tamry McCauley  

Tanya Lane 

Tanya Diggs  

Tanya T. Coats 

Tatum Little  

Taylor Sims 

Taylor Kimber  

Terence Perry 

TeRenna Taylor 

Teresa Jones  

Teri Holoman  

Terry Cummings  

Terry Reed  

Thelma Harris  

Theresa Brunson, Esq 

Tia Delaney 

Theresa Taylor Carroll 

Tia Smith  

Tichia Sims Lindsay  

Tiffany Hill 

Tiffany Joy Murchison 

Tina House Latiker 

Tobeka Green 

Tonia McMillian 

Tony Alexander  

Tonya Alston 

Tonya Burke 

Toya Wheeler-Tate  

Tracey Crowell  

Traci Hundley 

Tracy Mitchell  

Trena Lawson  

Valencia Nicholson  

Valerie Montague  

Valerie Bouldin  

Vanessa Tyson  

Vanessa Scott  

Velma Sykes   

Velma Butler  

Verneal Brumfield 

Veronica Smith 

Vicki Carew 

Wanda Davis 

Wanda Sabir 

Wanda Williams 

Wanza Tolliver 

Wendy Gladney 

Wendy Hoyt 

Yvette Elam 

Yvette Wells 

Yvonne Melton 

Yvonne Wheeler 






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