Supt. Jeffrey M. Lewis (New Antioch COGIC photo)

New Antioch Church of God in Christ invites the community to Annual Senior’s Day on Sunday, March 24, at 11 a.m., in the edifice located at 7826 S. Vermont Ave., in Los Angeles.

According to Pastor Jeffrey M. Lewis, the observance was established to honor, highlight and celebrate the senior worshipers of our congregation.

“The contributions of seniors are often overlooked and under-appreciated and as a church, it is important that we engage our seniors and tap into their incredible pool of knowledge and experience.  Annual Senior’s Day allows us to raise awareness of supporting our seniors and recognizing their achievements,” said Lewis.

“You can learn a lot about a person and their life story by simply asking! Seniors offer a unique, yet deeply personal perspective on life based on their experiences and the events they have lived through,” he continued.

“On March 24, you will discover that there are amazing stories and family legacies hidden within the heart of our beloved, experienced and faithful seniors.”

For information, call the church office at (323) 778-7965 or visit