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Description of the mugger: tall, dark and handsome; eyes: bloodshot, changes colors; eyebrows: dark, bold well-manicured; ears: not demonstrably different from others, earrings sometimes or not; smile: smug and enticing; voice/speech: able to change instantaneously without notice, excellent, enticing, convincing, distinguishable speaker; shoulders/figure: broad or shapely..may wear shoulder pads to imitate height and muscles; hair: curly, straight, kinky, short, long; dress: cross dresses at times to conceal identity going either way; feet and hands: may be smooth or rough depending on immediate presence; face: charismatic impression and actions, most attractive or quite unattractive; personality: able to adapt presentation depending on the circumstances; financial status: may be exceptionally wealthy or penniless; conversation: may be self-centered on you or him-herself or other. Is this a person/image you want to meet and go farther to become acquainted, affiliated, or linked with personally?  

Here, we have an interesting circumstance. Read this description again. Weigh it out. Think it through. It may help you make a pivotal life-changing decision. Let’s take a closer look.  

Consider it only takes a split second, an instant to make a decision that can change your whole life around either for the better or for the worse. How long does it take for you to make a decision or change your mind? Who are you zooming with or just hearing a voice and talking to a stranger without meeting? Who is it? What is it?  

Remember what Apostle Paul told us in 2 Corinthians 11:14: “Satan himself transforms-takes different forms just like the description given to you above. There are some who get caught up in pleasing all people according to whose image they want to expose themselves to be.   

2 Corinthians 11:5-15 says “It is far better to be plain in speech, yet walking openly and consistently with the gospel, than to be admired by thousands and millions or multi-millions, and be lifted up in pride, so as to disgrace the gospel by evil tempers and unholy lives.”  

The apostle would not give room for any to accuse him of worldly designs in preaching the gospel, that others who opposed him at Corinth, might not in this respect gain advantage against him. Hypocrisy may be looked for, especially when we consider the great power which Satan, who rules in the hearts of the children of disobedience, has upon the minds of many.  

As there are temptations to evil conduct, so there is equal danger on the other side. It serves Satan’s purposes as well, to set up good works against the atonement of Christ, and salvation by faith and grace. But the end will discover those who are deceitful workers; false prophets, their work will end in ruin. Those sitting now in church pews who look all religious and blameless, but when they get home, they cuss and become violent with their wives and children.  

Satan will allow his ministers to preach either the law or the gospel separately; but the law as established by faith in Christ’s righteousness and atonement, and the partaking of his Spirit, is the test of every false system.  

Let us be reminded of the end we’re leading into, the last days, which John talked about in 1 John 2:18 and many other accompanying scriptures which address the coming “the antichrist.” Believe it or not. For in the last days there will be mockers who think that Jesus will not return; but He will have “His day” …” the day of the Lord.” Don’t get caught “with your pants down,” so to speak. Make a wise, peaceful, and happy turn to ensure your own bright future with heavenly rewards of unspeakable joy.  

But even right now, we can live peaceably with the peace of Christ that surpasses and transcends all understanding to keep our hearts and minds on Him, the author and finisher of our faith.   

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