Members of Metro’s street team at the Leimert Park station. (Courtesy photo)

The K Line gets an extension of Metro’s reimagined safety and community engagement program. On May 25, 2023 the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority authorized an extension of public relations’ firm Lee Andrews Group’s contract to continue to provide its Street Team and Community Intervention Specialists program to the K Line in the amount of $11,929,043.  

Since 2022, the launch of this program was one step further in the direction of reimaging the public safety process.  This program of 60+ Street Team members with the inclusion of Community Based Organizations from South Los Angeles –  2nd Call, Developing Options and Able Solutions — creates a safe environment and additional presence seven days a week to enhance the K Line customer experience.  

The Community Intervention Specialists accomplish their daily job as an unarmed presence and have brought an extreme value in creating a safe environment. Their leadership continues to bring in professional expertise in handling tough local situations, and has allowed the South Los Angeles community to benefit with great jobs, further establishing that the K Line and Metro works for everyone.  

Lee Andrews Group’s successful community engagement program has proven a better riding experience with safety redefined and embedded in the system in new ways. This program is now a model program in big cities across the United States.