The musician discusses his musical roots and his up-coming album “Shway SZN”

Artist/Producer Shwayze (cred: Asher Kai Gardner (@asherkaii))

Artist and Producer Shwayze is coming out with his seventh album “Shway SZN” on September 2nd, 2022.

Raised on the beaches of Southern California, Aaron Smith, whom you may know as Shwayze, was born with a strong love of music.

“I grew up with my grandparents in Malibu,” Shwayze said in an interview with the Los Angeles Sentinel. The artist/producer was born in Los Angeles but moved to the beach when he was about five years old.

“My grandmother came from a very musical family. They loved Motown, and it was her who really instilled in me a love of music from just playing it in the car or around the house,” he continued. “They weren’t trying to get me to be a singer or anything, but just how much she loved music, made me have a strong appreciation for it.”

Shwayze reminisced on drives with his grandmother along Pacific Coast Highway, blasting their car with music from Bob Marley and The Jackson 5. He admitted to never expecting that he’d become a musician, however, his grandmother and their drives along the Coast had much more of an effect on him than he thought.

“People say [my music] has chill and beachy vibes,” Shwayze shared when asked if California has any influence on his music.

Shwayze isn’t new to the music scene. He experienced a massive breakout in 2008 through his debut album “Buzzin” with sing-producer Cisco Alder. The duo hit the ground running, immediately joining the Vans Warper tour following the release of their album, singing about lost weekends in Hollywood.

Shwayze grew up on the beaches of Malibu, CA, which he says has a large influence on his music style. (cred: Asher Kai Gardner (@asherkaii))

Since that summer in 2008, the musician and now, father had gone to work with an variety of producers, releasing several independent albums, such as “Shwayze Summer” produced by his own label Feel Good Entertainment. He continues to challenge his self, continuously reinventing his sound while managing to stay true to the root influences that led him to where he is today.

Shwayze recently released his highly anticipated new single “Tides” on July 28th. The song, featuring Pepper and Slightly Stoopid, showcases a musical fusion of American Reggae and Alternative Rock. “Tides” is the 5th and final single release from “Shway SZN”.

Shwayze is hoping that, through his album and his new singles, people are able to find some peace.

“My music is feel-good music, so I want everyone who likes any type of music to relate to it,” he said. “I want my music to take people out of the stress and dramas of life, and just put you on mentally on that beach in Hawaii.”

After meeting Shwayze, the question of the difference between him and Aaron Smith came about. Is he always the relaxed but vibrant musician looking to be the melodic voice of peace playing in all his fans ears? Who is he when he’s not making music or in the studio?

Shwayze laughed as he admitted, “Well I’m a Gemini.”

“I think Shwayze is just that person that I can have the most fun with, and the person who is out meeting people. He’s super outgoing, but Aaron is very laid back. He’s a father. He’s a little bit of a loner, and always on some chill shit. I’m the polar opposite when I’m doing my own thing from when I’m on stage.”

(cred: Asher Kai Gardner (@asherkaii))

Both, Shwayze and Aaron, write the music, though. “There’s a balance between both of them,” Shwayze said. “Maybe the nasty-funier lines are Shwayze, and the more heartfelt ones—that’s Aaron.”

As the year continues, Shwayze will be going on a 12 date co-headlining United States tour with Ballyhoo. He’s also looking forward to introducing his new album to the world.

“I’m so excited about “Shway SZN”. I worked with a close friend Nick Baily, who’s out in Nashville, to executive produce the album. We mix Nashville and Malibu, mixing country and the beach with everything in between. We combined a lot in this album, and I’m very proud of it.”

“Shway SZN” is set to release September 2nd and will be available on all platforms. For more information on this artist visit: You can also follow him on Instagram @shwayze.