Friday, May 8, The Los Angeles City Mayor relished in the first day towards economic recovery. Certain approved businesses are now available for curbside pickup. The Mayor stressed the importance to shop locally, brick-and-mortars will benefit from the monetary support and ultimately grow the city’s economy. Eric Garcetti provided more information about the future of L.A., post pandemic. He addressed pressing concerns behind the impact of the Safer at Home Order, and how a gradual approach to open Los Angeles will save more Angeleno lives than a rapid reaction. The City is still in critical condition, the average death rate due to COVID-19 is 45 deaths per day, Mayor Eric Garcetti reviewed the safety measure protocols that are in place to keep flattening the curve.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (screenshot)

Throughout this city, thousands of businesses are opening with curbside pickup. Through the weekend more local firms will be guided towards a new reality of doing business in Los Angeles. Mayor Garcetti stressed that most of the Safer at Home directives are still effective. He mentioned the City Elected Officials will be modifying the order over the weekend. Trails and golf courses will be open by Saturday as well. Eric Garcetti emphasized three parts to keep in mind while Angelenos move into stage two. One major part is the foundation for all decisions proceeding is human life.

Mayor Garcetti reviewed that all L.A. residents are safer at home, gatherings are still prohibited. In the future weeks and months, there will be modifications listed on the County Website, setting the tone for a new L.A. lifestyle. Mayor Eric Garcetti paraphrased from his previous warnings, there is a possibility for retreat and steps taken backwards if trends do not show stable results.

Eric Garcetti provided the latest updates behind the COVID-19 outbreak. The elected Official shared as of May 8. there were 51 additional deaths. This brings the total COVID-19 related deaths in the L.A. County to 1,468. There were 833 new cases reported, bringing the total of positive COVID-19 reports to 30,296. The latest numbers reflect a 3% increase, since Thursday. There is a daily average of 916 new cases. Within the city of L.A., the new report reflects 14,563 COVID-19 cases.

According to the Mayor, the curve is stabilizing, in addition to the hospital rate which is also stable. At this rate, L.A. City Officials feel more comfortable taking steps forward into recovery. Over 250,000 people have been tested for COVID-19, results are showing that there are individuals testing positive but show no symptoms. This type of data will continue to be the guiding principle. However, the work to prevent the spread of the virus came with a massive cost. Small businesses immediately shut down, households lost jobs and income.

The construction of the new era of economy will happen between Public Officials and business experts who know their target demographics. The experts of the industry will understand the impact to the general economic system, and they will know what to repair within their specific sector. Within the leading firms of each industry, the Mayor said that he is establishing the framework of the future and figuring out the details. The goal is to create guidance on how businesses will stay safe, economical and resourceful, and how each service can boost their liquidity and demand for their products. The city’s estimate of unemployment rate jumped from 4.7% to over 24% in April. The Mayor stated, “…We have to come together, whether it’s federal, state, and county funds, or whether it’s the generosity of individuals like you, foundations, and others,” Garcetti continued, “ We will re-build. We will recover. And we will reimagine this city.”