Marina Torres is looking to improve the quality of life for all people, as City Attorney of Los Angeles. (Courtesy of Marina Torres)

The City Attorney of Los Angeles represents the collective community, and their right to be heard in court. Looking to embody that civic duty is Marina Torres, by bringing her own experience as a first generation Latinx woman that served the public under President Obama. Torres will champion the needs of the city with a sense of conviction.

Torres has felt the hardships that plague families with incarcerated ties, she faced those emotions head on. This personal look into the judicial system prepared Torres with a unique level of compassion that is shared through various acts of justice.

The City Attorney candidate is in touch with various needs of the community, paying attention to those that are marginalized and grossly underrepresented. Torres is looking to improve the quality of life for all people, as City Attorney of Los Angeles.

Vice President Kamala Harris and Marina Torres (Courtesy of Marina Torres)

The values Torres integrated into her mission include justice, fairness, and the passion to fight for equity. Torres has dedicated over a decade handling civil and criminal cases where she consistently focused on justice as her number one priority.

Through her vulnerability, Torres has been able to connect with the community around her. She has looked for alternatives to incarceration and been a part of strategies to make the city safer.  Torres understands the core values and needs found under the streetlights of L.A.

Torres witnessed a 16-year-old receive two strikes as a first-time offender; this person was a relative within her family. She woke up to the reality of what representation can afford. Torres set her educational path to pursue criminal justice, at 16, she was accepted to the University of California, Berkeley.

As a student, Torres juggled a full class schedule, student-government activities, and a 20-hour workweek to support her family. Torres final year of college was outlined in Standford. From that point on, she wielded the power and knowledge to serve the public. Torres’ mission was to align with the voice of people.

She continued to build a unique perspective by providing litigation services to Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago, aiding farmworkers throughout the state who were falling victim to unfair treatment from recruiters and employers. Heading west, Torres came back to California to sit on the executive board of the Stanford Law Review and become co-president of the Stanford Latino Law Students’ Association.

During her term under President Obama, she assisted with crafting national policies that focused on the concerns of “Dreamers” who lived with the constant fear of being separated from their families. Her role as an advisor on DACA directives provided her with the authority to guide the Obama administration, from a place of transparency.

Marina Torres is looking to improve the quality of life for all people as City Attorney of Los Angeles.

As a daughter of undocumented parents, Torres shares a narrative that is found at the core of Los Angeles, the pursuit of a better life. Torres was born in Los Angeles County, before moving to the Inland Empire. Heading down the 60-east freeway, one would find her father working at the Sunkist Factory in Ontario, California, while her mother held various jobs to keep the family afloat.

At a young age, she was aware of her family’s position and the fear of family separation never left their doorstep. As City Attorney, Torres is looking to be the voice for people who are living in similar situations.

In reflection of what this position means, Torres stated, “I think that most people don’t know who the city attorney is, let alone what they do–one of the primary focuses of running is I want to make sure people have an answer to both of those questions.”

She continued, “I want them to know who the city attorney is and how important the city attorney is to their lives—a third thing that I want to make a focus is, I want them to know that their experiences, values, and their beliefs are represented in me, because of what I have lived, because of what I have gone through, that I get it.”

The Long Beach Community College Trustee, Sunny Zia supports Torres in her direction to become Los Angeles City Attorney. Zia was captured stating, “As an attorney and proud Angeleno, Marina has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the people of Los Angeles,” said Zia.

She continued, “I believe education is the key to success and Marina’s story embodies this truth. Marina’s experience and vision for a more just society is what Los Angeles needs. I’m thrilled at the prospect of her becoming the next Los Angeles City Attorney.”


Public servant, Aja Brown released a statement supporting Torres’ journey. The former Mayor of Compton said, “I know Marina has the right values and priorities to serve as a strategic partner for any mayor striving to improve lives.”

Brown continued, “As a specialist in economic development and urban planning, I know the importance of creative problem-solving to bring positive systemic change. That means the cooperation between city hall and city attorney. I know Marina is up to these complex tasks of teamwork and leadership.”

Former Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich was captured stating, “As a federal prosecutor, Marina has proven time and again her commitment to justice and improving the lives of every Angeleno.”

Trutanich continued, “She understands the nuanced way of working within the legal system to improve the lives of every citizen. As the former City Attorney of Los Angeles, I know Marina has not only the experience but also the ability to bring change for good for the city of Los Angeles. I am proud to endorse Marina’s campaign and vision for Los Angeles City Attorney.”

Torres has a mission to be the bridge between the people and law. Through her experience, she has gained a unique perspective that is relatable. Torres revealed pillars that will guide her if given the privilege to represent the City of Los Angeles. She stated, “It’s the belief that we can do a lot of good, we can do a lot of change within the office—knowing that I have the experience, as well as the perspective to take the office to another level and make it more responsive to needs and desires of the people of Los Angeles—I’m going to tell that to myself every day.”