Nëither and Malachi (photo by Gianna Dorsey)

Hyyer Creative is a Black-owned, L.A.-based creative agency that generates, strategizes, and executes the ideas of their clients.

Malachi Fuller (executive producer, head of Production) and Nëither (executive producer, head of Creative) co-founded the company in July 2018 to provide a working solution to an industry-wide imbalance between impactful storytelling and cultural relevance. Their vision and purpose with Hyyer Creative is to “work with creative entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses across various industries to reach and amplify the voices of BIPOC communities through storytelling.”

It’s clear that Malachi and Nëither filled voids within the marketing and advertising industries: nearing the company’s sixth anniversary, they have already worked on over 600 projects with clients including ESPN, HBO MAX, Essence, Warner Music Group, Sephora, Spotify, and Disney. With such vast offerings and clientele, the question becomes: what does Hyyer Creative do?

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The short answer? Ideation, strategy, and production.

The long answer can be provided by a real-life example.  When global entertainment company Live Nation hired Hyyer Creative to create a compelling five-minute documentary on Wu-Tang’s, Nas’, and Busta Rhymes’ New York State of Mind Tour, Malachi and Nëither strategized three main components.

First, conceptualization: what is the angle and story? Second, production: filming interviews, rehearsals, and live performances. Last, post-production and GFX: editing archival clips and completing the video in accordance with Live Nation’s vision.

Hyyer Lab & Studios in DTLA. (Courtesy photo)

Malachi and Nëither acknowledge their profound success has largely been the result of their compatibility as business partners.

“[Nëither] is the creative, the right side of the brain…and I’m the more logistical, left side of the brain,” Malachi opined.

Nëither quickly agreed and added, “It helps because we don’t have to go through this alone. I know at the end of the day I have somebody I can depend on…we complement each other. Business brain, creative brain…but that’s not to say either one of us is solely stuck…but we play to our strengths.”

As two men from the DMV area, they boast an “east coast hustle with a west coast demeanor.” Malachi and Nëither are no stranger to the road less traveled: from majors in Criminal Justice and Applied Physics/Civil Engineering (respectively), both men pivoted toward the entertainment industry and leapt into the daring life of an entrepreneur.

They carried this east coast grit west, and it has saved their company during numerous obstacles, including the pandemic and competition from larger companies with similar offerings.

To date, Malachi and Nëither hold team meetings to ensure their business is growing in alignment with their vision, making enhancements as they see fit: in 2022, they opened Hyyer Studios, a multidisciplinary content studio in Downtown Los Angeles.

Hyyer Lab & Studios in action.

Now a creative agency with a physical space for photography, videography, and events, they are able to bring to fruition their vision to help others “achieve, fulfill, find, and understand their own purpose.” By hosting weekly events, these founders continue to facilitate opportunities for people to connect and create in a BIPOC-centric space.

The success of Hyyer Creative places Malachi and Nëither in the fortunate position to expand their horizons. Looking forward and creating new visions requires looking back and reflecting, and each founder remembers the impact that culturally relevant storytelling had on them as young men.

It has aided the team in solidifying and executing the overarching vision for Hyyer Creative: “to have a positive impact on the next generation of creators.”

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