Councilwoman Heather Hutt and LA High 150th Anniversary Honorees, Steven Moy, Felecia Richard, Premier Peavy, and principal Marguerette Gladden. (Malcolm Ali/LA High)


4- Representative Maxine Waters with Chef Marilyn during the event. (Malcolm Ali)


Los Angeles High School celebrated their 150th anniversary on Sept. 17, with a block party featuring music, dancing, city leaders, great food, and a dazzling performance from the L.A. High All Star Band.

This special event was hosted by Los Angeles High School Collective, Multi-Class Planning Committee consisting of  alumni Karen Lawson ’72, Johnnie Lewis ’72, Jayn Higgins ’75, Felecia Richard ’75, Deryck Allen ’76, Dewann Clark ’76, Jammie Adams ’88 and  Maryam Morris ’88,  bringing together their peers for a day of celebration and reconnection.

Together, MC Dawn Dai and DJ Keyvon Adam kept the energy flowing throughout the festivities, along with vendors Chef Marilyn, Pucker Up Lemonade and Exquisite Photobooth.

LA High School Class of 1975. (Malcolm Ali/LA High)

L.A. High has a rich history, being Southern California’s oldest public high school. Describing the weight of the school’s history, Karen “Nish” Nishimura, class of 1976, said, “The 150-year Los Angeles High School Celebration shines a spotlight on the continuing heritage of commitment by the city of Los Angeles to support the educational foundation for all students and citizens of LA. It is an honorable recognition to all who attended L.A. High then and now.”

The L.A. High School All Star Band blew the crowd away with Clarence Matheny of ‘73, on the keyboard/vocals, Charlene Ennis Shockley of ‘73 on vocals, David Jackson of ‘77 on drums, Matthew Bragg of ‘73 on bass, Michael Session of ‘70 on saxophone, Kevin Ingram of ‘73 on trombone and Craig Cooper of ‘77 on guitar.  The band gave their peers a remarkable performance.

The event would not be complete without Councilwoman Heather Hutt of District 10, whose mother was a L.A. High alumnus. Being an L.A. native who grew up near the high school, Hutt said, “I grew up right down the street on Olympic and Hauser.  My mother went to L.A. High School and she was beautiful warrior who worked really hard in this city.”

LA High All Star Band performing. (Malcolm Ali/LA High)

Hutt also introduced the event honorees, who were recognized for their dedication to the LAUSD.  The honorees were Steven Moy, an LA High faculty member since 1994; Felecia Richard, Premier Peavy class of 2005, teacher and LA High Harrison Foundation committee member; Marguerette Gladden, principal of L.A. High; Anthony Jackson, a member of the L.A. High staff for 34 years; Shanna Lovett, class of 1966; Sherrie Quinn, assistant principal from 2014-2017 and class of 1980; and Anthony Jackson Jr., class of 1999 and varsity football coach.

Representative Maxine Waters with Chef Marilyn during the event. (Malcolm Ali)

L.A. High continues to live by their mission of providing an environment of creative collaboration where students are supported in personal, professional, and academic growth.

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