Thursday, April 30. Mayor Garcetti updated the City of Los Angeles with latest news surrounding COVID-19. Aligned with the principles laid out by the California State Governor Gavin Newsom, Los Angeles prepares to take its first steps into opening low-risk businesses. There are anticipated spikes within the contracted cases as the economy prepares for a resurgence, the Mayor of Los Angeles addresses all of the pressing concerns as L.A. emerges out of the quarantine stages in the COVID-19 battle. Mayor Garcetti shared the latest numbers surrounded around testing and the County’s new protocol.

The Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti. (screenshot)

The Los Angeles City Mayor shared the latest update behind the COVID-19 outbreak in L.A. The elected Official shared as of Wednesday, April 30. there were 55 additional deaths. That accounts for a 5% increase since the report on April 29. This brings the total COVID-19 related deaths in the L.A. County to 1,111. The average death rate in a week has been 45 fatal cases per day. There were 733 new cases reported, bringing the total of positive COVID-19 cases to 23,182. There is a daily average of 836 new cases. Within the city of L.A., the new report reflects 10,863 COVID-19 cases.

Human life has changed drastically. The mission is to move forward, the mayor stressed that the need for assistance is urgent. His camp went to the All People’s Christian Center in South L.A. and distributed Angeleno Cards to those families most in need. This crisis has set the city on a whole new course; there is a new aspect of living among Los Angeles. The foundation of higher education has also shifted, Mayor Garcetti announced a partnership with L.A. Compact to assist students to continue their path of education. LA Compact is a readily available resource to guide students through the adjustments that have been made through various academic systems due to COVID-19. The information collected will prepare future resources that will be needed in the upcoming school year.

Michele Siqueiros, President, The Campaign College Opportunity, L.A. Office. (screenshot)

Michelle Siqueiros is the president of The Campaign for College. Her role is to influence California policy makers and college leaders, so that more students have access to higher education. Michelle Siqueiros works to expand college access and opportunities for California students. Michelle looks to bring public attention to the critical inequality issues that work against students seeking a college education. The Campaign for College looks to increase college enrollment and completion rates.  The future of economic success depends on the education received. Michelle stated, “ The class of 2020 is facing this college decision with incredible uncertainty,”  she continued, “ We cannot allow how the school year is ending to trump, twelve years of dedication and hard work… the value of a college education has never been higher.”

Eric Garcetti stated, “The path to effective response, is our commitment to the Safe at Home Order.” The public order has a heavy impact on the financial aspect of everyone’s livelihood. Mayor Garcetti explained that the collaborations with private and public sectors has been the city’s saving grace. The collected donations are a source of relief for many people who are suffering. Over 15,000 people have been helped by the Angeleno Card. Mayor Eric Garcetti shared that five million dollars has been donated to the Mayor’s emergency relief fund. There will be an additional 20,000 Angeleno Cards available to distribute. This helps a total of 60,000 L.A. residents, this card works as a critical lifeline for each one. As Los Angeles looks towards the horizons of economic recovery, Eric Garcetti stated, “You are not alone, we are here to help and to advise.”  He continued, “We are not only here to help you survive, but also recover.”