Backstage: Chargers is the first behind-the-scenes documentary series about an NFL team to broadcast in-season

The Los Angeles Chargers run onto the field at the Stub Hub Center (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)
The Los Angeles Chargers and Spectrum SportsNet today announced a content partnership to deliver a new series, Backstage: Chargers, on a bi-weekly basis beginning with the series debut on Sept. 6 – three days prior to the team’s regular season opener on Sunday, Sept. 9 against division rival Kansas City.
The first behind-the-scenes documentary series about an NFL team to be aired in-season on a network, Backstage: Chargers takes viewers on a journey with the players, coaches and team personnel while providing exclusive access to the locker room, team meeting rooms, team plane and busses, sidelines and the field of play. With 30-minute episodes running every other week, viewers will witness first-hand the key moments and personalities that define a team, season and franchise – both on and off the field.
“We are thrilled to partner with the Chargers to deliver unprecedented access and coverage of the team through our signature Backstage series,” said Dan Finnerty, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Spectrum Networks. “We look forward to delivering our award-winning, exclusive and original storytelling to Chargers fans throughout the season.”  
“With a 53-man roster, it’s challenging for fans to get to know all our players in a meaningful way utilizing traditional media alone,” said President of Business Operations A.G. Spanos. “Spectrum SportsNet has created a tremendous platform for teams to tell their stories, and we’re excited to be part of the Backstage series of programming on the network. With Backstage: Chargers, we’ll be able to take the helmet off the players, so to speak, and allow our fans to be right there with us as the story of our season unfolds.”
Spectrum SportsNet will be the exclusive home of every original Backstage: Chargers episode, starting with the series debut on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 9 pm. Backstage: Chargers will premiere on a bi-weekly basis on Thursdays at 9 pm on Spectrum SportsNet. Bi-weekly episodes will also re-air on ABC7 – the Chargers local broadcast TV partner – and post Friday evenings on Facebook Watch.