Mona Clayton, MSN, RN and CEO of Nurses 2 Rock Pub, The Nurses Pub Foundation

On Saturday, May 19, the Nurses Pub Foundation will be hosting a nurse recruiting seminar, “Walking the Red Carpet to A Successful Nursing Career” from 12–4 p.m. at the “Old Library” at 1501 East 103rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90002 . Admission is free for students and housing community residents as well as local WorkSource career center students. Doors open at 11:30 a.m.

“Walking the Red Carpet is designed to promote walking from a lower socioeconomic economy into economic development, walking into professionalism, walking into a higher self-esteem and future success,” said Mona Clayton, MSN, RN and CEO of Nurses 2 Rock Pub and The Nurses Pub Foundation. “Nursing gave me a way out of financial dependence and more autonomy for me and my daughter.

Clayton continued, “We encourage everyone attending to come dressed in business casual attire or their professional uniforms for the official red carpet.”

The event aims to promote success in the job market and get away from the mentality of getting a job and more about having a career. Clayton wants to introduce the community to the lucrative world of nursing and how lives are transformed for families— especially single mothers.

“My life was transformed as a single parent when I became divorced and it was my goal to be able to provide for my daughter despite any obstacles or setbacks during her childhood,” said Clayton.

Joining forces with the Los Angeles Housing Authority, Work Source (Watts/LA) and other seasoned nursing professionals for this event, Clayton spoke on her partnerships. She was strategic in her choices and hopes to make a positive impact in a community in need.

“I was able to get in contact with Mr. John King who is an executive at the Housing Authority,” said Clayton. “[He] was extremely instrumental in connecting us with the Los Angeles Work Source and Councilman Joe Buscaino’s office, in addition [to] helping to find the venue for our event.”

She continued, “I was driving down Central Avenue after meeting with the school executives at Maxine Waters and noticed the Housing Community and thought this would be a great place to target our event. For housing residents and nearby schools—maybe there are many single mothers that may need an opportunity and a boost of encouragement or motivation.”

Celebrity stand-up comedian, Taquita Love, who is a pediatric oncology and research nurse, will be performing at the event. Love has been featured on “Funny or Die” and “Laughs” on Fox.

The event will also include a panel discussion and Q&A session from seasoned nursing professionals.

“Nurses are the gatekeepers and we actually are the main line of defense for medical errors and we educate the public and  patients and their families,” said Clayton. “Nurses are the source of compassion that sit at the bedside with dying patients and comfort sobbing families when the outcome is not optimal.”

Clayton encourages the community to take advantage of the event. Anyone interested in the career, seasoned nurses and other professionals that may want to transition into nursing, high school students there will be something for everyone. She also feels that nurses are health care celebrities that often don’t get that recognition so the significance of the red carpet also is for the future nursing students and seasoned nurses to get a taste of the “Red Carpet” celebrity lifestyle.

“We look forward to changing lives in a major way and to having many future events for the community,” said Clayton.”

Lunch will be provided but everyone must register via the website click on upcoming events tab or call (562) 537-1646. Event link: