Najah Roberts and Jaci Marie at the grand opening Crypto Blockchain Plug. (courtesy photo)

Cryptocurrency—sounds kind of like something from a sci-fi movie to some but many are getting in the know. Entrepreneurs, Najah Roberts and business partner, Jaci Marie, want the community at the table when it comes to digital money.

“This brand-new technology has already shown its ability to disrupt the global financial system,” said Marie. “It has created a paradigm shift in the way we look at money.”

“Most cryptocurrencies solve a problem and for our community, it is crucial to begin to address some of the issues that plague us as it relates to finances,” said Roberts.

To that end, both ladies founded Crypto Blockchain Plug, which recently celebrated its grand opening located at 614 E. Manchester Boulevard in Inglewood, CA. Marie and Roberts join other Black cryptocurrency enthusiasts becoming the first African-American, women-owned Cryptocurrency OTC exchange in the country, which makes their business 1 out of only 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States.

They are both California natives, with Roberts born in Inglewood and Marie originally from San Mateo, CA. Marie’s educational background is in healthcare with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and public health from Cal State L.A.  Roberts attended Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida and has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration and her master’s degree in business administration. They both shared how they came to take interests in cryptocurrency.

“I joined the Dr. Boyce Watkins, Black Business School Online in 2017 and went down a rabbit hole for about 6 months learning about how digital money works,” said Roberts. “I was already in financial services watching how things were done on the traditional side and this new money, new transparency was something that spoke to my soul.

“Every day I spent researching and just could not stop reading, the more I understood what was in store for the future.”

“I got involved out of curiosity and wanting to understand this new technology of my son’s generation, the Blockchain,” said Marie. “This technology is a global platform that fundamentally changes what we can do online, how we do it, and who can participate.”

So, cryptocurrency, why is this important to the Black community? Is this important to the Black community? The creation of Crypto Blockchain Plug, a 3,000 square foot, beautifully designed office space built with Crypto and Blockchain enthusiasts in mind, says yes—it’s important.

“Cryptocurrency is essentially a digital ledger of transactions,” said Marie. “Bitcoin, is a type of digital currency where a record of transactions are maintained and new units of currency are generated by computer solutions of mathematical problems which operates independently of a central bank.”

Marie continued, “Blockchain is a platform and its technology allows cryptocurrencies to operate within.  Essentially, any transaction capable of being recorded can look to the use of blockchain, ie., medical records, birth certificates, insurance policies.

Bitcoin Room (Courtesy Photo)

“However, as a financial-based blockchain, meaning it is not governed by any central bank or monetary authority, it is maintained by a peer-to-peer community computer network.

“Just like any other currency, from the US dollar to the money in your Paypal account, currency has value because we all agree it has value.”

Crypto Blockchain Plug also offers two chic lounges, a 12-seat conference room, a kitchenette, Social Media Recording Studio, shared offices, a Crypto Blockchain store and a space for kids called the Krypto Kids Kamp. Visitors will also take note of the CryptoSpace Smart ATM with both Crypto and traditional banking capabilities. In an effort to educate the community with the proper understanding of the Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Eco System, monthly meet-ups and free workshops will be offered to bring individuals unfamiliar with this new financial concept, into realization.

“Unfortunately, in our community we are always subjected to the hype when it comes to people introducing ‘get rich quick schemes’ and those bad actors over the last couple of years introduced Bitcoin to our community in the wrong way,” said Roberts. “Network marketers swooped through our community, took people’s money and left a bad taste in their mouth giving them nothing in return.

“Cryptocurrency is not hype or something else altogether, it is an entire ecosystem.”

“It’s an amazing space for crypto enthusiasts, a lounge for crypto beginners and the advanced within the community,” said Marie. “It’s a place where you have real people to answer your crypto questions.”

Marie and Roberts care about their community and want everybody to know exactly what’s going on when it comes to cryptocurrency. They saw a need in the community before most even knew it was needed. If anyone has questions, Crypto Blockchain Plug exists to help provide the answers.

“Cryptocurrency nor Blockchain Technology is going anywhere soon and we as a community don’t necessarily need to embrace it but we need to understand what is going on behind the scenes and position ourselves at this juncture is critical,” said Roberts.

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