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The Los Angeles’ film award season whirls with glitz, glamor, and, of course, fashion. This year, I glided through the red carpets in both style and comfort, courtesy of the stunning tuxedos crafted by the Little Black Tux Company.

Catering to all body shapes and sizes, Little Black Tux places a special emphasis on providing comfortable and flattering options for all size customers especially for plus-size customers.  Recognizing that every woman desires to look stunning and feel confident, their designs are a reflection of this ethos.

Offering a wide array of colors to suit various tastes, from classic black and pearl white to bolder options like navy, burgundy, champagne gold, pink fuchsia, silver, and red, Little Black Tux ensures there’s something for everyone.

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Envisioning tuxedos as versatile pieces that transcend formal occasions, Little Black Tux encourages breaking down the ensemble and incorporating classic elements into everyday wear. Imagine a tuxedo vest paired with jeans for a playful chic look, or a boyfriend-style tuxedo jacket adding a glamorous touch over a pleated skirt. The options are boundless, enabling you to create timeless and effortlessly chic looks any day.

(Laretta Houston Photo)

Founded by twin sisters and their father, Little Black Tux is a women-operated, family-owned business with a mission to revolutionize the tuxedo experience for women and non-binary individuals. Their carefully curated collection boasts a variety of fabrics chosen for their breathability and versatility, ranging from wool to cotton, satin to polyester, ensuring adaptability to any occasion. Their commitment to size inclusivity ensures a perfect fit for everyone, with offerings including jackets, pants, vests, shirts, shorts, skirts, neckwear, pocket squares, cummerbunds, suspenders, and even satin options.

What sets their unique designs apart? Little Black Tux transforms the traditional tuxedo jacket into a sleek blazer with adjustable pockets and customizable sleeves, seamlessly blending formal elegance with casual chicness.

Their meticulously crafted pants offer unparalleled comfort and style, featuring added pockets and extra fabric for customizable length. The shirts boast convertible buttons and cuffs, providing two distinct styling options—clear buttons for a chic dressy look or black studs for a classic tuxedo shirt style.

The cuffs can be worn traditionally or opt for the timeless French cuff for added sophistication. LBT Pants offer a range of styles, from ultra-slim fit to wide straight leg, each designed to showcase individuality while providing unmatched comfort and versatility.

The Little Black Tux have thought through these perfectly designed garments providing not only style but comfort and ultimate functionality.

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Anna Kim and Hanna Huerta, Co-Founders and Managing Directors of Little Black Tux, to delve deeper into their vision.

L.A. Sentinel: Tell me why you decided to create The Little Black Tux?

Anna Kim and Hanna Huerta: Little Black Tux emerged from the shared vision of twin sisters and our father with decades of collective experience in the men’s formalwear industry. The genesis of this unique endeavor arose from a striking realization- women were navigating the landscape of men’s tuxedos to meet their own distinctive needs. Fueled by passion for accessible and multifaceted fashion, we set out to revolutionize the traditional tuxedo experience for women and embarked on a mission to redefine the narrative. Our commitment to inclusivity led to the creation of a diverse range of tuxedos meticulously designed to cater to all body types, sizes, and individual preferences offering a wide array of choices that celebrate and honor the diversity of women’s bodies.

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LAS:  What has the reaction been in the community about the quality of the taxes, the size matches, and comfortability of wearing this formal attire, and the color range choices?

AK & HH:  Our community’s genuine response fuels our commitment as a small family-owned business. Gratitude pours in from women struggling to find jackets and, more specifically, pants that fit their blessedly endowed shapes from the start and without alterations. Additionally, we receive appreciation from those who wish to defy traditional expectations by opting for a power suit instead of the conventional dress for formal events.

In a world valuing personal expression and empowerment, Little Black Tux is more than a brand—it’s a movement, championing individuality, confidence, and beauty for every woman. Our collection offers a spectrum of colors, allowing each customer to uniquely embody vibrant individuality while offering the timeless tuxedo ensemble with a modern twist.

Like a lot of people, we really don’t understand our measurements. A lot of clothing is not cut for voluptuous women of color. So when potential client is trying to measure themselves as it relates to your clothing, should they size up, should they size down, should they be true to size what is your suggestion?

Fortunately, our access to flexible and breathable fabrics has paved the way for voluptuous women to effortlessly secure jackets and pants that seamlessly align with their style and fit— all with just three simple measurements. Among our key customer demographics are voluptuous women of color, underscoring our commitment to offer diverse and inclusive options and although we offer plus sizes, we acknowledge the struggle faced when these options are compelled to confirm rather than complement their natural curves.

LAS:  How did you come up with the name Little Black Tux.

AK & HH:  The inspiration behind the name “Little Black Tux” stems from a dual commitment. Firstly, it pays homage to the timeless and ubiquitous concept of the Little Black Dress (LBD). Second, it serves as a tribute to the LGBTQ community, a cherished demographic among our customers. Their influence has played a pivotal role in reshaping the accessibility of the classic tuxedo for women, reflecting our dedication to inclusivity and celebrating diversity within the fashion industry.

LAS:  What does Little Black Tux mean to you?

AK & HH:

Little Black Tux encapsulates a brand that embraces women and non-binary individuals as empowered, self-preserving, and respectful beings. This philosophy is not only reflected in the designs but is also deeply ingrained in the brand’s ethos. The essence of Little Black Tux is enriched by the representation of women who identify with and epitomize these values through our collection that aligns with one’s true self. We aim to foster a powerful avenue for self-expression and celebrate the unique personal identities of those who wear it.

Who are the woman of LBT?

Jaymes Black, CEO of Family Equality.

Our collective commitment is rooted in the shared values of advancing women’s empowerment, drawing inspiration from Jaymes’s remarkable leadership and unwavering dedication to championing racial and social justice for historically marginalized BIPOC communities. It is an immense privilege to have Jaymes represent in LBT, hand in hand, we stand together in our earnest mission to cultivate a world characterized by profound equality and justice for all.

Fena Fenelon (CEO)

Organization: The Sofenomenal Agency Group

Fena leads a black-owned business powered by an all-woman team. She is instrumental in shaping the brand identity and design for Embrace Weekend 2023 where the significant statue honoring MLK “Embrace” was unveiled. Fena’s leadership has played a pivotal role in curating an environment that fosters authentic engagement with diverse cultures through compelling storytelling.