(Los Angeles, California – June 21, 2017) Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Community Relations Division is hosting its much-anticipated Aviation Careers Education (ACE) summer program, a week-long educational experience for local middle and high school students.  ACE introduces students to careers across specialized fields in aviation, airport operations and aerospace in a fun, learning environment that is as interactive as it is informative.

To enhance their understanding of the industry, selected students will meet and interact with aviation experts, as well as tour sites throughout the Southern California region.  During the week-long program, students will be introduced to a variety of careers from the following airport participants: LAX Airport Operations, American Airlines, Compass Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, LAX Information Technology Division, Los Angeles Airport Police Department, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Spartan Aviation College, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and many others.

“We are excited to meet and cultivate the next generation of aviation experts,” said Trevor Daley, LAWA Chief of External Affairs.  “ACE is an opportunity to not only bring awareness to aviation career possibilities, but to show our deep commitment to education and community.”

Middle school students began attending ACE Monday, June 19, and will continue until June 23. The high school program runs June 26–30.  The ACE program is free to participants.

Students are selected to the program based on their application submissions.

To learn more about the ACE program, one of the many ways that LAX is committed to community outreach and education, please visit the LAX website at www.lawa.org.