L.A. Regional Food Bank provides food for families, seniors, and veterans in Los Angeles County. (Instagram/ LA Regional Food Bank)

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank serves 900,00 people every month in partnership with more than 500 agencies, and this year, the food bank is expecting more significant food needs. They are sounding the alarm, and the food bank needs your help.

According to the Food Bank, over 2 million people in Los Angeles County continue to face food insecurity. CEO Michael Flood is sounding the alarm based on the inflating cost of food, and rising prices significantly affect thousands of Angeleno families facing food insecurity.

The L.A. Food Bank has worked since 1973 to ensure families and seniors have food year-round. They have distributed more than 1.9 billion pounds of food, and 97% of their revenue goes directly to food bank programs.

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The mission has not changed as the food bank continues to “mobilize resources to fight hunger in our community.” The L.A. Regional Food Bank strives to ensure that “no one goes hungry in Los Angeles County.”

L.A. Food Bank provides food for youth programs throughout LA County. (Instagram/ LA Regional Food Bank)

The holidays provide significant challenges as more families seek their help. The food bank needs your assistance to continue meeting the high needs. “For every dollar that comes in, there’s the equivalent of about $5 worth of food.” Flood calls on Angelenos to assist the food bank with “monetary and food donations, as well as volunteers.”

Most residents of Los Angeles County do not realize that the food bank and its partners provide 900,000 people with food every month. In addition, Flood said they also provide services at community colleges and children’s programs throughout the county.

“The need is great, especially during the holiday season; the need is very high,” Flood said.

According to Flood, it’s not only necessary for monetary donations, but the food bank also relies on sorely needed volunteers. “The volunteer program is essential. The Food Bank, our partner agencies, rely heavily on volunteers to keep this work going, to serve people and sort food,” Flood said.

“We want to make the Thanksgiving holiday brighter for many families that, again, are struggling to meet their basic needs,” Flood said.

To donate or volunteer, go to LAFoodBank.org.

Visit LAFoodBank.org to donate and volunteer. (Instagram/ LA Regional Food Bank)