Lattimore says, that the major difference between traditional and modern R&B is the ability to live the art and create a lasting experience for fans. (Photo Courtesy: D-Nice)

Dubbed the “King of the Ballad”, the very handsome soul singer Kenny Lattimore has stepped back into the spotlight with his ninth studio album “Vulnerable”, which recently made its debut on October 13, 2017. Known for classics like, “For You” and “Never Too Busy”, Lattimore returned with sounds from the 80s, developed by producer Drakkar Wesley, reminding of us why we all fell in love with his music.

Lattimore says that inspiration for this album stems from a place of transparency, redefining what it means to be vulnerable. While most would consider vulnerability a form of “weakness because of being open and susceptible to hurt,” Lattimore says the album represents quite the contrary. “It’s not necessarily about being weak, it’s about accepting that someone could hurt you. This album is about a guy who’s okay with falling in love again,” he said.

And love is exactly what Lattimore says he’s looking for. Previously married to songstress Chante Moore, with whom he shares a son, Lattimore says that it’s critical to find wholeness and be healthy in mind, body and spirit before entering a new relationship.

“A lot of times, in relationships, the new pays for the whole, he said. “For men, being vulnerable is also about how we communicate, because most of us did not grow up in situations where we’re taught to communicate our feelings and our emotions, and it causes misunderstandings with women. To win in any relationship, you have to be vulnerable to one another,” Lattimore continued.

R&B Crooner Kenny Lattimore releases 9th studio album “Vulnerable” on October 13, 2017 (Courtesy Photo)

As the landscape of music and its content continues to change, Lattimore says that his main goal is to continue providing fans with a music experience. “The one thing that separates traditional RnB from modern RnB is the element of being able to provide it live, right here on the spot; give it up and entertain and not just play a record,” he said.

“The reason why Gladys Knight could sing in this room and turn these chairs upside down, if people were in here, is because of having to grow up singing under all kinds of different circumstances; not with auto tune, not with the best microphones,” Lattimore declared. “In terms of living the art, it takes some years to do that,” he continued.

When not working in the studio or performing on stage, Lattimore says that spending time with his son is what gives him the most joy. As a self-proclaimed “old-school parent”, Lattimore encourages his son to live not in perfection, but in excellence. “His schedule is so full that a lot of time that ends up being my pastime. I love it because I see possibility again, I see faith, I see hope, I also see me.” Lattimore dedicated the song “I Love You More than Life” to his son, Kenny Lattimore Jr.

Lattimore’s album “Vulnerable” is led by the single “Push”, in what he calls “a grown man apology”. To hear more from Lattimore about his views on love, faith, and music, visit for exclusive interviews.

Kenny Lattimore says, that as a man of faith, his mission is to use his platform to sing to the hearts of women and to the minds of men and encourage them in love. (Photo Courtesy: D-Nice)