112207_KATTWKGPSS500_Katt Williams is defiantly politically-incorrect. Not only is the self-professed pimp comedian profane, but he embraces the N-word at a time when most responsible members of the black community have been burying the slur. Katt also wore a noose as a necklace at the height of the Jena 6 controversy.

Not one to worry about his image, Williams has just released a concert film aimed at what he refers to as “real [N-words].” On the DVD, taped in front of appreciate live audiences during a recent 15-city tour, he defends his use of the term, specifically criticizing opponents like Oprah with, “You’re a [N-word]! Did you forget that?” And he riffs a bit about Michael Richards, admitting to feeling sorry for the Seinfeld star since he can’t be anywhere around black people anymore.

Williams also has issues with Shaq who he calls “retarded for wanting to be a sheriff” and with Michael Jackson for leaving the U.S. for a country where he will be allowed to sleep with little boys. He even jokes about rappers with bad record deals who are both platinum and broke.

But most of the show is devoted to observational humor devoted to graphic descriptions of assorted sexual behaviors, all laced with the b-word, s-word and f-word. If you really think about it, the cadence and rhythm of Katt’s delivery is funnier than his outrageous content, for he has a brash and flamboyant style which is overly confident if not exactly charming.

A posse comprised of three other comics, Red Grant, Melanie Comarcho and Luenell, take turns on stage, too, each relying on equally-salacious material. The language is plenty salty, reminiscent of Red Foxx’s blue lps on Laff Records, only pushing the envelope to a degree that might make a porn star blush. With cameo appearances by Da Brat, Ludacris, Tamala Jones and Jeremy Piven, this pimpalicious DVD is likely to resonate with Katt’s loyal fans, those unshockable and very open-minded “real [N-words]” in his desired demographic.