TyRon Jackson stand next to a poster of his late father, founder and president of Jackson Limousine, Ellsworth ‘E.J.’ Jackson. Courtesy Photo

A longstanding tradition of giving back to the community during the holidays continues thanks to Jackson Limousine. TyRon Jackson, son of the late Ellsworth ‘E.J.’ Jackson, is continuing the legacy his father held dear to his heart. As old as at the annual event himself, TyRon shared that his father’s love for the community is something he shares as well.

“The last two years, I’ve been there to support and really be the face for my father,” said TyRon.

TyRon shares that being in school and living in Orange County have kept him from being able to participate in his father’s events in the past. Since his father’s passing, he has taken an active role in representing his father and making sure the community has a turkey for Thanksgiving. This year, Jackson Limousine gave out over 10,000 turkeys to thankful families in South Los Angeles.

“It feels good just to be the face of my father and really keep his legacy going,” said TyRon. “It shows that his legacy is beyond the Jackson Limousine Service, it’s so much more than the turkey giveaway—it’s the fact that he loved people.

This year, Jackson Limousine gave out over 10,000 turkeys to thankful families in South Los Angeles. Courtesy Photo

“He had a passion for people—he wanted to see people make it, he wanted to see people stride and I wanted to make sure that I capture that.

“My dad’s dream was people helping people and I want to keep that going.”

Jackson, AKA “Mr. Turkey,” was founder and president of Jackson Limousine and a longtime fixture in the city of Los Angeles. He reportedly died of a massive heart attack in November 2016. Jackson was known as the “chauffer to the stars” but widely known and loved for his turkey giveaways before Thanksgiving. The lines for his event would encompass multiple blocks as people waited to receive a turkey.

In 2017, Los Angeles City Council President Herb J. Wesson, Jr., along with Councilmembers Marqueece Harris-Dawson and Curren Price named the intersection of Slauson Avenue and Hillcrest Drive in honor of the late businessman. The intersection marks the entrance of Jackson Limousine Service and site of his annual turkey giveaway. Ellsworth ‘E.J.’ Jackson Square commemorates over three decades Jackson and his foundation provided free Thanksgiving dinners to local residents. TyRon is gladly continuing that tradition.

TyRon Jackson with Congresswoman, Maxine Waters Courtesy Photo

“The community was happy and so grateful,” said TyRon. “The thing that got me was [people] kept calling me ‘Little E.J.’, they kept calling me ‘Mr. Jackson’ and it almost got to the point where I became emotional because they knew I was his son and they knew I was down here to be there for them like my father would’ve been there.”

Tyron also shared that an LAPD officer, who has participated in the turkey giveaways for 25 years, stated to him that watching TyRon in action was like seeing E.J. again.

“I never knew some of the things my Dad would do like certain decisions and certain things that I was doing—walking down the lines at 4 o’clock in the morning hugging [people],” and buying coffee for a group of people waiting in line—apparently like father, like son.

“People are in need,” said TyRon. “Regardless of why they’re there, their situation—they are there. It doesn’t matter, my Dad had no red tape, he cared for people, he had passion for people and that was my mission to capture that essence—to make sure people left feeling loved, encouraged and motivated.”

TyRon Jackson with actor, Hal Williams
Courtesy Photo

Tyron wants to give a special thanks to all the elected officials, businesses and volunteers who help Jackson Limousine meet the needs of countless families during the Thanksgiving holiday. He especially wants to give a special thanks to Congresswoman Maxine Waters and veteran actor, Hal Williams.

“I first met [Waters] when my father died at the press conference,” said TyRon. “She’s always been so encouraging and I know she just came back from a busy schedule with midterm elections but that fact that she was there—she wasn’t there just to do the opening prayer.

“She went around passing out water, talking to people and letting them know she was there for them.

“I want to thank her for that.”

About Williams’ participation at the turkey giveaway, TyRon stated, “He said he’s known my father since I was 7-years-old.

“To see him there and to see him represent as an actor means a lot.”

TyRon stays busy running a non-profit based in Orange County, which works with the homeless and families in need. Though he lives in another city, his heart is firmly planted in Los Angeles and committed to his father’s legacy.

“I was so happy to go back to L.A. and just share love and represent my father,” said TyRon. “Even though I’m here in Orange County, I’m still here for the people of L.A. and I want them to know that I’m here to represent them

“I have not forgotten where I come from and I’m proud of everyone’s efforts.”

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