Impact Circle Founder Jenisa Washington (Courtesy Photo)

The Impact Circle Foundation has recently granted over $60,000 towards multiple organizations with a heart and mission that matches a purpose of social change in underserved Los Angeles communities, including the Birthing People Foundation, the Compton Kidz Club, First Place for Youth and Women’s Voices Now. Impact Circle creates social impact through partnerships with innovative nonprofit organizations.

Jenisa Washington founded Impact Circle in order to make every effort to expand the ways in which supporters care for and understand one another as a human community. Established in 2018, Impact Circle has granted over $200,000 to local community nonprofit organizations providing maximum impact allowing these organizations to achieve their goals and grow to make a difference in the communities they serve. Washington claims that the partnerships go way beyond donations. The Impact Circle Foundation is committed to establishing long-term relationships providing relevant resources, experience, and time that support their nonprofits to be successful, especially in this time of gender and social inequalities that have underpinned so many communities in the United States as the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic intensifies.

Washington is the epitome of a true visionary that has expanded the way we care for human beings with strategic partnerships that go beyond financial assistance. Washington has proven to be devoted to implementing long- term relationships within the community and pledges to continue to be that voice. It is with no debate that the motivational force and vision of Jenisa Washington and The Impact Circle are of purpose, strength and empowerment to society. The camaraderie is welcomed; race, creed, color, or socio-economic status do not matter.