Patrick “Shaka Man” Houchen (Courtesy photo)

“For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7b (NKJV)

Shaka Man Houchen is a beloved and honored husband, father, master drummer, musician’s musician, and friend to many, who has aided many people through God’s powerful gift of healing.

Patrick Houchen, a.k.a. Shaka Man, was born on July 20, 1953, in Cambridge, St. James Jamaica. He’s the founder of Jubilee Palace Productions Studios, in Los Angeles, California.

Houchen, who started playing the drums when he was just two-years-old, has been a well-known drummer with Reggae, Rastafarian, and Boom Shaka culture here in Southern California, for over 40 years. “We started a whole culture out here,” stated Houchen.

But in recent years, he began to experience and accept that he had the God-given gift for healing. Houchen said, “About seven years ago, I had an encounter with God in my backyard that changed my life forever.

“I heard God tell me, ‘Where you are standing is Holy Ground.’ I said, what is this? I don’t listen to voices. I never have all my life, and I wasn’t trying to start then.” He continued, “So, I went into my studio; then I heard, ‘be still, and know that I am God!’ I was told to give Him the glory for anything He does through me. So that’s just what I do, I give God all the glory”

Mrs. Shaka and Shaka Man (Courtesy photo)

Houchen recalled, “When I look back, the healing really started a long time ago when I discovered that a good friend and talented musician by the name of Roland Alphonso, was paralyzed. It hurt me so badly, that I just started crying.” he recalled.

“When saw Mr. Roland in this condition, I didn’t understand, but I asked him to come to see me in Queens. He was brought to see me and as the band started playing, and I played on the drums, we heard this sound… that had an odd sound initially – but then Mr. Roland just started blowing his horn. He experienced the miracle of healing.”

Houchen recalled, “Alphonso Roland then relocated to California, where he played in Hollywood clubs, and traveled around the world for years, until his death,” said Houchen, who wept as he remembered the story.

“Since that day, I’ve accepted that this is what God wants to do through me. When someone is suffering, I just let the person suffering know that I can help them. I don’t force myself on anyone, and I don’t understand it all, but if a person wants help, I offer to help them. That’s what I do,” said Houchen.

Shaka Man with his children (Courtesy photo)

“I just know that whatever God does through me, it remains, and I give Him all the glory by always saying to God be the glory!”

Reflecting on Houchen’s gift of healing, his wife, Mrs. Shaka, said, “He truly sees everyone as God’s people and treats everyone with kindness and warmth.  As his family, we see his healing as a part of his ongoing mark on earth and a part of his journey here.”

She continued, “Admittedly, having our legendary musician & patriarch change paths later in life, caused some of us to be puzzled, and even resistant, but as his journey evolved from being a Reggae musician to a healer, we realized that music and healing co-exist together and that his healing also always existed through his music.

“Seeing people arrive to see him while they are in so much pain, yet they leave more emotionally balanced and with less pain, certainly has been our honor, and it’s been absolutely inspiring to watch him continue to grow and evolve in new ways for the betterment of others.

“We are very proud and continue to support his most righteous life efforts,” she concluded.

Shaka Man with Boom Shaka bandmate, Bassie Ray Felix (Courtesy photo)

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