Mrs. Willie B. Crisp (Courtesy photo)

Los Angeles resident Willie B. Crisp will celebrate her 106th birthday in December. Recently, Mrs. Crisp was interviewed by her nine-year-old twin great nephews, Kyle and Korey Burton, who live in L.A.’s Crenshaw District.  Following the interview, the boys wrote the description below:

“Let me tell you about my 105-year-old, great-great Aunt Willie B. Crisp! Right?

“My Aunt Willie B. was born on December 11, 1917, in Oklahoma.  She had two sisters, Minnie and Emma, but no brothers. She went to a school named Lanba, but she never went to college.

“Before she got married, her last name was Vance.  When she was 22 years old, she married Bruce Crisp.

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Kyle and Korey Burton (Courtesy photo)

“She never really traveled. She worked for a while at Leo’s Quality Foods. She stopped driving when she was in her 60s.

“Aunt Willie’s favorite type of music is gospel.  Her favorite type of food is mashed potatoes and oxtails. (She can only eat soft stuff.)  Her favorite game is dominoes.

“She is mostly in her wheelchair now because she had a stroke, so she only walks a little bit with her walker sometimes.

“Aunt Willie B. said her life is beautiful and she’s glad to be alive. My Aunt is still living till this day.

“My grandmother said that this year on December 11th Aunt Willie will be 106 years old and we will go to her house to have ice cream and cake to celebrate with her.  Maybe we’ll even play dominoes too!”