Recording artist, songwriter and producer Mali Music CREDIT: OWEN DUCKETT/QUACK NATION

Big things are in store for Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer Mali Music. After announcing his new partnership with RCA Inspiration he then released a new single titled, “Let Go.”

Best known for his hit song, “Beautiful” Mali Music has been making music that intersects hip hop, R&B and gospel for years. Born Kortney Jamaal Pollard, he began playing piano at just five-years-old. By age 11, he was an active member of the music ministry within his hometown church in Savannah, Georgia.

“My whole musical foundation is prophetic. 11-years-old already wanting to play in Pastor Eric Jackson … I couldn’t play two chords but he let me be his church musician,” he shared. From age 11 to 21, Pollard remained with the church until his pastor and first-lady gave him the okay to move forward and serve outside of the church.

“Since they had given the opportunity, I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a state or city, a continent or a lock that I left unturned over because they had entrusted in me to go and do real work.”

That is exactly what he’s done. He cites the responsibility they placed on him as a youth as the foundation for his relationship with God. “My responsibility is the only thing that solidified my relationship with God because it showed me that I could fail.”

However, his desire to do good pushed him to work harder time-after-time, breaking barriers one step at a time. “I always wanted to be a liaison of the ‘who is that gospel? Was that gospel I just heard?’ And I believe that I’ve accomplished that.”

His music, which he makes with no expectations and out of his own desire to heal himself. His latest single, for example, was created out his own desire to record, and with the help of his friend David “D1” Grant Jr. who produced the song “Let Go” was born.

“I’ve been telling my visionary team, I want to make sure that I heal before we begin to build and I think this is the first step to doing that,” he says of his new single.

He shares his healing process is personal, however, music is the connection he pursues with those who are on a similar path. “I don’t know if I’m looking to heal the world, I’m more so looking to be vulnerable in front of the world and the people that are lead by the way that I’m doing it,” he says. “I want to do it with candidness frankness, bluntness and honesty.”

“I work passionately to become [the voice he needs] and I try to share it with people in ways to see if it works and registers,” he says of the recording process.

Though he details much of his creative process is extremely unpredictable, there are few things he chooses not to waver on.

“The only thing that is consistent from song to song in Mali Music is the fact that you’re going to be spiritually edified. We’re going to mention matters of the heart and the soul, and I’m going to offer a means of salvation.”

He describes his sound without labels. He can travel anywhere from a deep R&B sound to a more trap beat like that of “Let Go.” He says, “I just create the content to the best of my ability and then God lays it together.”

Now that Pollard has accepted his purpose, he feels that all things are in alignment. Grateful for all the things of his past, he looks forward to setting the bar for music one song at a time and bringing people in relationship to God the honest way.

“Mali Music is a safe medium to hear all types of music, even the most cutting edge and mainstream … it’s going to be built to edifying lyrics and of spiritual upkeeping; it’s going to be standard quality.”