The My LA2050 Grants Challenge has recognized the Compton Pledge as one of the top ideas to transform LA. The Compton Pledge is thrilled to be one of 5 nonprofit finalists in the category CREATE: foster entrepreneurship, cultural diversity, and inclusivity. The LA2050 Grant challenge is sponsored by philanthropic partners such as the Goldhirsh Foundation and Annenberg Foundation.

Winning the top $100,000 prize in the CREATE category would help the landmark guaranteed income initiative to establish a path towards economic justice and reparations. Simply put, no one should live in poverty when we CREATE a justice system that refuses to criminalize cyclical poverty and instead prioritizes community and care. An income floor below which nobody should fall is just the beginning.

Angelenos can cast their votes to determine how a total of $1,000,000 will be awarded among twenty-five organizations to implement their transformative proposals. Between now and June 28  at 5 pm PST, Angelenos and advocates for making the Greater LA region a better community can head to to vote.

“By providing recurring income support to 1,770 residents regardless of their legal or employment status, we are starting the path towards a true safety net. We are showing what is possible, what is next— and we hope you join us” – Nika Soon-Shiong, Executive Director, F4GI and Co-Director, Compton Pledge.

“By taking a few minutes to vote for the Compton Pledge, you are supporting the human dignity of a community with limitless potential. Our guaranteed income program is catalytic and a source of hope in our great city,” Aja Brown, Mayor of Compton.

Compton Pledge community members and supporters can head to to vote now or visit our digital toolkit to support us on social media @TheComptonPledge