Portrait of african american businesswoman back to work at office after pandemic lockdown. Female entrepreneur with protective face mask standing alone in office with her arms crossed.

Face masks will remain mandatory in all Los Angeles County courthouses despite the county easing an indoor mask mandate as of tomorrow for those vaccinated against COVID-19, court officials said today.

All people over 2 years old and regardless of vaccination status will continue to be required to wear face masks over their nose and mouth while in a courthouse, according to the court.

“While there are hopeful signs that the winter surge has subsided with a decrease in Omicron cases, test positivity and hospitalizations, the court will remain vigilant in providing safe access to justice in the nation’s largest trial court,” Presiding Judge Eric C. Taylor said in a statement.

“When you come to our courthouses, you must wear a face mask. However, the court does not require the public to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test to access justice.” Court employees and judicial officers are included in the order.

Court officials urged people with disabilities that preclude them from wearing face masks to seek an accommodation under California Rules of Court in advance of their court appearance or appointment.