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On Thursday, July 5, 2018, Faith and Community Empowerment (FACE) hosted a press conference in partnership with SOFIDA and Ghana Association to announce its first African Immigrant Homeownership Fair. The event will be held this coming Saturday, July 21, 2018 at New Designs Charter School located downtown at 2303 Figueroa Way, Los Angeles, CA 90007).

The fair will provide home buyers and homeowners the opportunity to meet with real estate agents, banks, and industry professionals, and be part of a seminar where home buyers will learn about: Down payment assistance programs (getting up to $60,000 ti help with down payments, 3 to 1 matching grants to provide up to $15,000 additional down payment), special loan products available for home buyers (0% down, no mortgage insurance, and reduced credit score requirements), and how to fix, increase, and optimize credit. Current homeowners will be able to learn about resources for home repair and mortgage assistance programs for those struggling to make payments.

(Courtesy photo)
Press Conference Attendees Included:

Hyepin Im, President of Faith and Community Empowerment

Dr. Ken Barnes, SOFIDA (Solid Foundation Chapel CDC)

Lucille Sarkodie, Ghana Association

Richmond Kodua, Vault Mortgage

Dr. Stephen Gyesaw, Principal of New Designs Charter School


FACE President Hyepin Im opened up the press conference sharing enthusiasm for the upcoming homeownership fair with the African community. “From the beginning, our organization’s mission and vision was never about building only ourselves but bringing others along with us and connecting them to resources. In getting to know Dr. Ken Barnes, we came to realize that all immigrant communities including the African community are often times unaware of how to access resources available in American society including homeownership resources. When Dr. Barnes reached out to ask if FACE could provide the same resources for the African Immigrant community, we saw it as a great opportunity.” Dr. Ken Barnes of SOFIDA stated, “Many Africans often think of their home country as home and consequently purchase homes in their home country but do not think of buying homes in the U.S. But this homeownership fair will show how one can build wealth by having homeownership in the U.S.first and then be able to buy mores homes in their home country in the future. Lucille Sarkodie of Ghana Association expressing pleasure in partnering with FACE stated, “This event is dear to my heart – we want to bring this to the African community at large.” Richmond Kodua of Vault Mortgage who shared how he built his personal wealth through homeownership stated partnering for this fair is a dream come true for him. “I’m looking forward to doing what it takes to pull a lot of Ghanaians into these resources.” Dr. Stephen Gyesaw, Principal of New Designs Charter School, welcomed everyone to the New Designs Charter School and stated he looked forward to opening up his school for the upcoming homeownership fair.

The 17th Annual Homeownership Fair is free for all to attend.

Everyone is welcome!

To register, visit the events page at https://www.facela.org/events/17th-homeownership-fair